Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Strong-Willed & Facebook

We KNOW one of our children is "strong-willed".... I really think every child has their own season/reason of being "strong-willed" but one of ours has been in that SEASON for a LONG time... LOL!!

Over dinner we noticed the actions of the child and started a conversation between Brian and I about characteristics of a "strong-willed child". Then we hear a child add to the conversation....

"I'm strong-willed because I can push everyone over."

Spoken like a TRUE "strong-willed" child!!
On our SEEDS CD there is a beautiful Christmas song based on the Luke passage. While in the van I mentioned to the kids about us learning it to possibly share at church (if we learned it well enough!).

Anna (6 yrs) then added," Mommy, you should put it on Facebook. Because then our friends would know about us singing it and they could come sing it with us!"

She's my social media guru:)

We've been on Chris about being LOUD right next to Nate or even in his face. Nate has been fussy the last 2 days, I was holding him during one of these fussy spells and Chris tried to talk to Nate to calm him down.

Then little Nate YELLS ( I mean angry yell) in Chris' face. Chris got a big smile! he thought it was too funny that Nate had returned the "favor"! Boys?!?

**BTW... I ate a sandwich away from home that had mayo. And then chicken salad at church.... Nate has been soo fussy since! So I'll be avoiding eggs completely again! Food allergies/sensitivities stink!

Tonight during the "bedtime routine" busy-ness Chris asked Brian,"Daddy, do you wear your watch to bed?"

Random question amidst the craziness... so Brian answered,"yes, I usually do." Wondering WHY Chris was asking.

Then Chris answered,"Ok, well I'll wear mine to bed, too!" Soo sweet!! Wanting to be like his Daddy:)
After playing 3 (or more) games of Memory with Lydia, I realized I hadn't started dinner!! So I told her that I had to go into the kitchen and I started cleaning up the game with her.

She spoke up,"Mommy, I play this game by myself. I"ll get a lot [of matches]. I might win because I good at this game."

LOL!!! She thinks she'll win when she's the only player;) Too cute.... what humility!


Heather said...

Those are awesome! We have been getting on Ethan (the oldest boy) for yelling in people's face's too. (especially Carissa) He's also been making loud weird growling noises.
The joys of boys. :)

I didn't know you were on facebook. We'll have to "find" eachother.

Jenilee said...

you have a wonderful record here of things they are doing and saying! such fun things to write down. they sound adorable! :)

Our Family said...

Too cute- I love the idea of sharing on Facebook about singing! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

These are all so cute! Love when little ones want to imitate their parents. Precious!

Sorry to hear about food sensitivities...that is tough!