Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - 'real to life'

This week I've been dutifully writing down my kids' crazy conversations... and I've included some of their normal antics... partly to remember and partly to share what I have to "put up with"... LOL!!

Bathing Excuses:
*Chris: "I don't like water!"
*Lydia, standing outside the shower, had not yet been in: "Oh, it's too hot!"
me: "Too hot?"
Lydia: "No, too cold!"

The kids were talking about NOT going into Daddy's new office upstairs. Lydia (who had just been busted for making a mess in the schoolroom) claimed,"I didn't go into Daddy's office but Anna and Chris did."

Chris pipes up,"Oh, yes you DID. Remember I was in there and I told you to come in there with me?"

Chris: "There is a movie on my wall!!!!"

He was sooo excited, I was SURE to check it out. And I found him in his room making hand shadows on his wall..... LOL!!

Chris came running inside one morning this week adament that someone had stolen "it"! So we asked him what was missing.

Chris: "Someone stole all our ice!!"
Brian had gotten some big chucks of ice out of our freezer and I guess Chris was expecting to still find them on the driveway when he went outside the next morning;)

Nice little science lesson there;)


Jenny said...

"Oh, yes you DID. Remember I was in there and I told you to come in there with me?"

LOVE it! That is hilarious!

Crystal Roberts said...

These really cracked me up!! Especially about the ice one. And I hear the SAME exact thing when I am bathing my kids, my oldest says, "it's too hot, it's still too hot" Ugh. Love what kids say!!

bekahcubed said...

I enjoyed the second anecdote especially. Lydia has reason to complain that Chris "got me into trouble". :-)

Bea said...

Chris always makes me LOL!!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Seriously, the ice one is my favorite!!! That's so adorable.

Hope you are doing well over there!

Happy TTT!