Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WFMW: EASY Peasy Egg-Free Cake

When we discovered Chris' egg allergy baking treats got harder....

Cake mixes were out until we found an egg replacer at a health food store. Even then the cakes/cupcakes looked fine but then like crumbled into a million pieces soo easily! Very, very messy!

It was also hard for those wanting to include my kids in their own parties... many times I ended up making the cakes for others or for my kids' classes (which I was GLAD to do so that my kids could enjoy cake with their friends)!

A friend called last week with an egg-free cake recipe using a cake mix!! I was very DOUBTFUL it would work considering it was only 2 ingredients.... the cake mix and a 12oz can of soda!

She assured me that the recipe called only for cake mix and any non-diet can of soda.

We tried it! First choosing a cake that was milk-free and then some soda:)

The reaction between the soda and mix was awesome.... the kids really got a kick out of watching the two react and fizz!

After baking according to the cake instructions, we had some pretty little cupcakes! They smelled delicious and made us crave lunch a little earlier so we could enjoy them:)

Since we ate them before they were fully cooled, some did have bottom pieces that came off. But they didn't fall into a million pieces while the kids at them.... which was great since our house was full of kids that afternoon;)

I did notice that the cupcakes held together a lot more after they were completely cooled. WE even stored leftovers in a ziplock bag and didn't have fall apart!

We found some milk-free store bought icing! And we were sooo excited to have such a SIMPLE recipe to make cakes/cupcakes for us!

Best of all was that they were enjoyed by the kids!!!!

And yes, I haven't taken the time to count the extra calories or sugar content of the cake. I'm sure it's very high:) But when you're limited in food choices by food allergies, you enjoy what you can when you can:)

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UPDATED: I used a Carrot Cake mix this evening.... totally crumbly! Grrr.... so maybe it needs to be a little "under-cooked" and totally cooled before cutting. And the under-cooking is fine since there are no raw ingredients:)

Now if I could just WAIT to let it cool:)


Jenny said...

Great idea! I have never heard of that!

Stacey said...

That's cool! Super easy anyway. Did I ever give you my egg free, dairy free chocolate cake recipe? It's the best chocolate cake I've ever had! LOVE it :)

Christie said...

Weight Watchers has you do this with ANY cake mix (for 9x13 cake) and any DIET soda. I usually use diet cola with chocolate cakes, diet fresca, raspberry diet rite, or diet sprite in white/yellow cakes. Diet sprite is AWESOME in lemon cake!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

cool.... so Diet DOES work:) Thanks!!

grandma said...

i'll be trying this!

Anonymous said...

I got this Vegan Baking recipe book a time ago. http://www.amazon.com/100-Best-Vegan-Baking-Recipes/dp/1569757143/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1282808129&sr=1-1
It is totally amazing to me. I really like to bake from it! All recipes are egg-free and milk-free, they just write milk in the recipes when needed, but at the beginning of the book they tell you about replacing milk or using f.e. coconut milk.

Causey Fam said...

I actually found you through a friend on FB. We have an egg and milk allergy to deal with and I have found tons of recipes to use, but never this one! Thanks!