Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Spring Flower and Takt

The day was awesome on Monday so the kids packed themselves into the minivan and we headed to the park... yes, another awesome thing that my kids can put themselves safely in the van (one of the older ones buckling Nate in his seat)! I had no idea... but they were determined to go and got ready themselves... or maybe trying to convince me to stop at Sonic for slushies on the way:) LOL!!

Heading out of the community, Jack had his paws on the middle seat while standing on the backseat with his mouth wide open panting. Chris calls out,"Hey Mom, Jack looks like a real dog when he hangs his tongue out like that!"


Chris came in from walking Jack!

He was very excited about what he had in his hand...

The First Flower of Spring:)

We've been giving Nate some opportunities to see if he is ready to potty train. Truth be told he LOVES candy and instead of giving him a piece when he asks, we thought it might be beneficial to make him WORK for it! So he is given one jelly bean for business done on the potty.

This week I put him in cloth diapers to see if he would be less likely to potty in them. And mine are "velcro" so they go on and off really easy... Nate can pull them off to potty and I can refasten the clean diaper back onto him.

I was right:) He liked choosing the blue one and was glad to put it on. He did well for a few hours (and a couple reminders)!!

After lunch he hid for awhile and came back with a little more than pee:/ As I changed him I grabbed a disposable (we were heading out)! Nate protested saying,"Momma, me make stinky in green diaper! Green one!"


IMG_9905On the phone, Grandma was asking Lydia what she wanted for her birthday (in weeks I will have a 6 yr old)! Lydia didn't have any answers....

but Nate did!!

"Me birfday. Me birfday, too!"

Grandma asked,"What do you want for your birthday, Nate?"

He responded,"Takt!"

It took us a few guesses....

Cake! :)

Now it's your turn to link up about what your kiddos are saying;)

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