Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Round of Potty Training

I'm not a good potty trainer:/ I think it's because many times when I've tried to train my kids ended up either constipated or I was "trained". So after two attempts of doing it when I was ready...

I finally came up with a new plan:)

Wait until they ask and are ready!!

So I"m both delighted and not completely ready for this stage with Nate!! But he wants to be ready:)

Now that you have that background....

I share a success from yesterday:)

And yes we use candy (jelly beans or a few smarties)... he loves candy and will find ways to get into it through the day. So now we're making him "work" for a treat:)

It's your turn:)

1 comment:

Kalle said...

So cute. My littlest is almost 2 and is showing interest in potty training...and well, I'm so not ready to do that again. :)

Love how proud he is in this video.