Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Kid's Words

During one of our Play-doh mornings, the kids noticed Nate sampling some Play-doh:/

I quickly told him not to eat the Play-doh!

Chris responded,"It tastes salty!"

I gave Chris the "mom look". Anna saw it and said,"Oh, Mom, we've all eaten Play-doh before!"


Chris (7 yrs) : "Why did they stop using shields when they started using guns? I don't understand because guns are dangerous?"

I really do have a thinker on my hands!

Nate likes to show us how urgent or important something is. I mentioned a while ago when he adds "real bad". He'll use this when he is hungry or thirsty, like "me need drwink real bad"!

He's added another way to show importance in his sentences;)  Just this week we've heard:

"Me want to play with Titus all night!" or

"Me want to eat candy all night!"

It's your turn:)


Anonymous said...

Play-doh is non-toxic, but it probably isn't a good idea to make a habit of eating it. I did sample some a few years ago when I noticed my own child eating it and it is really salty.

Jenny said...

LOL, yep we've all tried playdough before. I know I have! It is very salty. LOL!