Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Whine Solution

This almost too simple to share:/

But it has transformed our schooling days... transformed!!

You see we had had a lot of playing, whining, fussing with the teacher and other normal kiddo antics... but I was spending WAY too much time dealing with the infractions!

So I introduced the CHART:) LOL!! Simple, sweet and to the point!!

When we have a whinny (or distracting silly) moment, I warn the child. And then I'll go on with what I was doing. If the whining continues I make a check next to their name:/

If they have to write 10 sentences (which has happened once or twice), the sentence is about correcting the behavior. And I told my Anna (almost 9) that she wouldn't be writing sentences but making her own paragraph about her behavior and how she should correct it! Thankfully we haven't gotten to that point, yet!

It has worked wonders:) So I'm working on making a "permanent" CHART so it doesn't stain the board.

There are other helps for whining, too, like:
  • Giving warnings before moving onto the next activity
  • Making even mundane tasks fun
  • Having expectations (and assigned work) clear and at the child's level
  • Having motivations is good too:) Like a special treat, trip to park or visiting with friends after work is complete
Ahhh... definitely a reason for our great week last week:)
Definitely works for me;)


Angela said...

Glad it's working. Keep up all the good work!As an FYI the Dollar Tree just put up some neat charts in the school section. There are two different types you could use.

Mama Eagle said...

I have been using this program that I found while mullling through the Google Chrome Apps one day ...

My kids LOVE it because it makes beeps, and moans.

We use it to keep track of all the positive and negatives during the day.

Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...

Great idea!

Verna said...

This is cool!