Monday, January 14, 2013

First Week Back

Well after our week (and more) of sickness, we jumped back into schooling last Monday.  I felt like we were totally unprepared and  none of us really FELT like doing school... but we pulled out the books and did it anyway....

totally NOT the way I wanted to start :(

Regardless, we did it!! Looking back over the week... we had a few bumps, made a new discipline policy for whining (when they felt well) and we had a good week. Like I was told in the midst of a tough morning, "It can only get better!!" LOL!! Definitely a good way to look at a tough day;)

We talked about being do-ers, not just hearers. And then we applied it to taking the initiative in doing chores.... being told (and having explained) their chores and then the kids taking responsibility in doing them. Of course, this will definitely be something that is worked on and encouraged. Too bad it could be mastered in a week:)

Language Arts
During some recovering days, we worked on some Thank You notes from Christmas. Too precious to see Lydia working on hers "without help" and Nate wanting to help with his:)

We also jumped into Grammar, Reading and Spelling lessons;) Lydia, Chris and I worked on writing/narration. Anna and I talked about putting together a book report! Maybe she'll be willing to blog it next week when she finishes the book:)

The kids all jumped back into Saxon:)

I also noticed that their math fact recall needed work again. So we will be including into our weekly routine. We had gotten out of the habit of doing math fact practice. I think trying to find 3 times a week to do will be good for the kids;)

Our history this week was filled with uprisings, not ones that are often studied by little ones though. We did read aloud the chapter, filled in the outline together, and completed the map work for each country. Anna also did a little "country study" on Italy, one of the countries that we were reading about in the chapter.

Unfortunately, I did add anything extra:/ But we will be starting the Civil War this week and will start with Lincoln; we began the readings already and I have already learned a lot about the 16th President! I already promised Chris he could built with Popsicle sticks and a glue gun:/ Looking forward to his creation:)

We started a new section of our physics experiments talking about Motion. We did an experiment, read about Motion on and defined terms. The experiment was very simple but we were able to do it at a local park since the weather was soo beautiful:)

Two bowls of cookie dough + sticky finger prints all over the mixer = sweet memories
We watched WAY TOO much TV while we were sick, so I really tried to give them other things to do last week so they didn't watch as much as TV!! One of my favorite memories this week was having Chris and Anna in the kitchen making their own batches of Oatmeal Cookies, Chris was adding chocolate chips and Anna was including raisins, while I made dinner. The counters were a mess... but they had fun, they read and followed the directions and we had cookies into the weekend;) LOL!!

Another fun opportunity was getting to play with friends. We had 3 opportunities to play at the park or at our home and each time was different!! We are blessed to have friends willing to meet us and be flexible with plans when the clouds roll in!!

Finally, we started something new last week that we are calling Our Daily Notebooks. The kids really have done well with them and I look forward to sharing more later this week!


Jenny said...

The daily notebooks sound like a good idea! Abby still hates writing though. It's like pulling teeth to get her to write even a few words :(

Cookies sound so good, that's cute that they made their own batches.

I'm glad you all are feeling better!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Sounds like a good start! Nate's hair is absolutely precious! :)