Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Daily Notebook

Chris working on date, time and temperature sheet!
One of my goals this home school year is to be more INTENTIONAL!!!

Most of what I plan... we do!

 But a lot of things I want to do, but think I'll just "remember" or "add in", doesn't usually happen...

like practicing skip counting, doing a calendar time, practice/teach cursive or start memorizing all the US Presidents.

So to be intentional about some "little" things, I've decided to add a Daily Notebook to our mornings.

There are tons of free materials out there to put into a Daily Notebook. I am so very thankful for the home school moms out there that are willing to make their printables available... it's definitely a ministry to those of us un-"designers".
Anna practicing cursive.. daily :)

So I made some.. well, 3! And they use them:)

Lydia working on the Number of the Day worksheet!
Here is what is included in our Daily Notebooks... (and where I found them)

Daily Info. Worksheet
Number of the Day (where they make math facts with the date)
Cursive Days of the Week
Print (and Cursive for Anna) Months of the Year
Prayer request ( lined loose leaf in a plastic sleeve)
History Sentence of the Week  (lined loose leaf in a plastic sleeve)
Skip Counting
US  Presidents
Cursive Letter (for Chris and Lydia)
Daily Grams Grammar 4th (for Anna)
Drawing of the Day (Chris right now, but the girls are asking for this sheet, too)
Chris following drawing directions for his Drawing of the Day!

IMG_9866The kids have willingly done their notebooks these 2 weeks. They do it together most mornings and it's a time when they "get it done" but while chatting:)

 I like how laid back it is but they are still covering a lot of information and tasks. I love that the middle two are starting cursive in a very low pressure way... they like practicing their letter each day... a few tries each time:) And Anna is getting the extra Grammar practice that she enjoys:)

After some training, I'm praying this will be an activity that the kids will complete together with me in the room but maybe not right.next.to.them !  And maybe it will be the 15-20 minutes I can use to sit down with Nate and work with him a bit:)
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Anonymous said...
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Kristina said...

Great Post! Intentional was the same thing I used as my hope for this year. I need to be more intentional about a lot of things in my life. ;)
Loved all your resources! Thanks so much!