Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Please Hold Me, Momma!

I had high hopes for the first week of the New Year. We returned from the Grandparents' on Sunday and we had a week to get our New Year started well...

  • An Eve evening with friends from church
  • A few days to get back into a routine
  • A day or so to clean the house & put away Christmas decor
  • Things to get our school organized
  • Some quiet evenings to get my online classes started strong

And it hit!!

A strange cold virus or something that knocked us all over.... we had chills, coughing, no energy, no appetite, some throwing up.... basically what people refer to as "the crud"!

Besides the fact that I had NO energy, nasty congestion (I sounded like an old man for a couple of days... no offense to "old men") and a killer headache, the kids needed me to be their Momma.

The first days I was sick, only Nate was down with me. We snuggled on the couch for almost 2 days straight watching Little Einstein DVDs.... not quite "the life":) But it was sweet... kind of, minus the snot, croupy coughs and body aches.

Somewhere in all the days, as I looked around at my not-getting-cleaned, but getting-worse house and the pile to school work needed to be organized and planned, wasn't happening:( I began to get discouraged.

When the Ibruprofen started kicking in, I began to do a little. But I never seemed to get much done when I'd hear, "Please hold me, Momma!" precious! A welcome call to rest with him and do what Momma's do best when they really want to do the Momma-ing;)

Needless to say, my to-so list was set aside for almost our whole week. I did get "enough" done and we started school again Monday although I know none of us were really ready physically. We accomplished what we needed to and vegged again after the school work:)

Hoping we can "shake" this soon... so we can enjoy moving again!! And yes, get to some "fun stuff"!!

And if you haven't seen the video called One Mom Heart to Another.... it's a must SEE!! We need to hear the message... over and over;)

 I definitely look forward to reading through Sally Clarkson's new book as soon as I get my hands on a copy... oh, and a few hours to read it;)

More Nate-isms;)

Overheard from another room:
Nate: "Wydia, you play train track wif me?"
Lydia: I can't.
Nate: Why, you not play train track wif me?
Lydia: Because you're sitting on top of me. I can't get up!
Nate: Oh!

And they  both walk into the playroom:)


Me: Nate, what is you're baby's name?
Nate : Miss Johnson [beaming]


While visiting with grandparents Chris and I were in our bedroom and Chris noticed a picture on the dresser. It was a picture taken when Brian and I met his parents in Austria for a couple of days before we attended a conference in Hungary.... oh, the travels when we were kid-less;)

But I mistakenly told Chris that the picture was taken in Hungary. 

Chris looked at me confused, "Mom, why would you visit a country where everyone is hungry?"

Very sweetly and innocently asked;)

Now it's your turn to link up about what your kiddos are saying;)


Jenny said...

I'm sorry you all were sick! I hope you can get back to normal soon. Are you still teaching courses online?

Rachel said...

Sounds like you guys had the flu! Those were the same symptoms I had (minus actually throwing up thank goodness!) including the killer headache for a day that tons of advil would barely touch. Never was tested for the flu, but almost 100% sure that was it. Not fun but glad it is over! Hope you are all on the mend soon.