Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding Intestines & Washing an Elephant

Chris was reading to me from a Dick and Jane reader:) He's my reluctant reader and so I was excited that he had initiated some "fun" reading with me;)

I had to chuckle though as he was reading to me but paused to tell me,"Mom, this really isn't a very nice book because they don't use good manners. No one says,"please" or "thank you"!"


During our nightly bedtime reading, I was reading a book with Nate about body parts. And we turned into a "can you find this body part" with Nate. Little Nate was pointing out his nose, arms, legs, neck and belly button.

Chris stumped Nate with, "Can you find your intestines?"

Nate said, "I not know."


We were discussing what we would do together after dinner. Brian suggested Charades and acted out an example. Brian's example was buttering and eating a piece of corn-on-the-cob. The kids "got it" right away:)

Chris gave it a shot;)

He started pretending to be washing a "window" but at a strange angle.

We guessed the obvious... "washing windows", "doing karate",etc.

We finally gave up.

He was acting out...... washing an elephant!!!

We decided to play Uno:) LOL!!!


Jenny said...

ROTF at washing an elephant! That is hilarious. That sounds like when we play I Spy with Abby and she spies something that doesn't exist. LOL!

Cute about Nate saying, "I not know".

Scott said...

"Washing an elephant" is pretty funny. He is definitely Brian's son...Brian came up with things like that when he was Chris' age. Remember "the fox steals the meat?"