Monday, August 20, 2012

Back-to-School Pics

Taking our back-to-school pictures has become a fun part of our "getting ready for school" tasks;) The kids were excited to get into our school room and do some crafts (and yes, even some history this week... yipppeee!!).


And the we gathered on the front porch steps to take our pictures this year:) It was kind of sad and fun to have a new background this year!


We also took some individual pictures;)





I have a lively little bunch:)

 I love this picture.... it screams to me "you are crazy to stay home with this crew"!! Even on the hard days when all of us (or at least some of us) are dealing with the grumps, this picture reminds me of the reality of schooling together at home... they are young, silly, cute and I am fortunate to be at home with them!!


We thought we'd add a "class picture" to the picture taking this year:) FUN!!

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And our back-to-school pics from last fall and 2010... the look soo little;)


Grandma said...

Just beautiful pictures! They are growing and changing so much. I am thankful to have the blog to see how the children are growing and what they are doing.

Jenny said...

These are adorable pics! I love the look on Chris's face! Too funny!

You look so pretty, that's a cute dress.

Bunch of Barrons said...

So cute! You look pretty, too! :) I love the idea of having them hold their grade number like that.

Sarah Avila said...

These pictures are great! It looks like you have a fun group of kids!

Hope you guys have a great year!


P.S. I love your dress!

Dorie said...

Lovely photos - and the silly one cracked me up! They are all wonderful memory keeper pics.

To answer your question about IEW, I like to start about third or fourth grade, whenever I feel like they are reading well and are comfortable writing. Some of my children started it with a regular schedule, and one I took it a little slower. Once you get use to the format, it is really easy to customize. It is a great curriculum that really works for us. Always a blessing when you can find something to use with all (or most of) the children :-)

Kate said...

I love this much so that I totally stole it from you! (Go see my blog if you haven't seen yet.) You look GREAT by the way!! Love that gray dress. Hope you are well, friend. :)