Monday, August 13, 2012

Tiny Talk-ing

So Nate is the "baby" of the family and has totally been playing up that role AND his desire to be a "night owl". Seriously..... this kid would easily stay up later than us if we didn't finally just turn off the lights on him (us with him)!!

We have to giggle though when we are finished reading books with him and he sweetly says, "more book read me please"
And I'm totally a pushover :( How can I not read him Goodnight Moon one more time just to hear him whisper "hush"???

Or as I'm trying to leave the room he says "more ice" (meaning water in his cup). I reply,"I just gave you more water and ice in your cup." And his response is shaking the cup and saying,"more ice, ice more please". Determined!!


One of our children demands creative discipline. We've read the books, we've followed the suggestions and our little one requires us to be on our toes. This week we started limiting TV... more importantly at night when we all like to gather to watch a movie (or at least a part of one).

This week our little rascal had their TV time limited. And we had borrowed a movie from the library that we were all excited about watching. So we began watching the movie on their night of "no TV".

What we didn't bargain for though was the tender-hearted one who couldn't stand their sibling not watching the movie with us. They asked,"Couldn't you just spank [the kiddo] so they can watch this with us?"


And the quote to show you just how honest my kids are.... LOL!!!!

At Grandma's they said,"We like coming to Grandma's because we don't have to do chores!!!"

And they don't!! But that's definitely not the only reason we all love going to Grandma's:)We had a great visit with them last week and I'll get up some of our trip later;)

Link up what your kids are saying!! Record and remember these sweet memories;)

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Jenny said...

LOL about spanking! Too funny.