Monday, August 27, 2012

Rough Start

I've tried to stay encouraging on this blog... not trying to "look perfect" but to keep things in perspective... my hardest days are no where close to the challenges others face daily... my family is safe, fed and comfortable. We are incredibly blessed!

But these first couple days of home schooling this semester have been ROUGH. Daily I heard whines and complaints. And daily I lost my cool and have had to apologize and find an activity that restores peace. And daily our work space has been covered in beans or uncooked rice (no need to tell you the culprit).

I just think we all enjoyed the simple, playful days of summer (after we moved).

Sure we stayed busy and the kids and I had a little school work mixed into the play times, but starting again with the "Three Rs" LOL and a "school schedule" has been a challenge for all of us. ALL of us! I'm totally in the mix with them:)

And I guess it's just going to take some time getting into the swing of things again! And Momma figuring out how to best organize our time this year.

Hoping summer comes around again soon:)

I kind of stunk getting down any of the kids' silly quotes this week. But you can still share some of yours;)


Amy Sorensen said...

Awe Kelly. Bummer on the rough start. We still have 2 more weeks before we start for the year. Our Summer days have been so sweet and peaceful too, I'm not ready for them to end either. I know your days will get better. You are a wonderful momma & have beautiful children. Thanks for being real and being an inspiration to all of us Mommas in the same season & lifestyle :) Love you!

Jenny said...

Sorry it's been rough. I hope you can find a good routine that works for everyone. I could use one myself many times, as many days bring whining and complaints.

Drea said...

well I dunno abt anyone else but I actually like hearing im not alone in this :) - and you seem to have it so together w/ your schooling.. and your kids are so far ahead of most kids... that I think most reading would never think you struggle w/ schooling them. So its refreshing actually.

But I do hate it because I know how that is LOL... and I know all about the beans and rice. Our poor vacuum.

I def. have realized that this year is not going to be the most structured or hard core in schooling... but I also realize its just the season we are in right now... and that despite the "rules" we sometimes set, those rules may be broken for a set time, until baby comes and I can actually feel normal again.. which I honestly dont expect until maybe January... IF THAT. Thankful for Classical Conversations this year... hoping that helps cover my slack some haha... and give the boys a new outlet... but I know it wont be easy either way.

Hope this week gets a little better.

Oh and a few things that have worked recently for the Owster...

1) Painting seashells or rocks
2) Shoving pom pom balls into a jar. Thats oddly entertaining for him.
3) Glueing beans to stuff.
4) Playing with a 9x13 dish of soapy water and cars... aka the car wash :) - and water makes much less of a mess than rice hehe.
5) I want to get him those magnetic letters and put them into a bowl, then get a string with a big magnet and let him fish with it... but I havent found the letters yet and I also dont have a big magnet :) - but in time... thats on my to do list.
6) the ipad ;-) - my poor ipad has so much owen build up (aka messy finger residue lol) its prob. borderline a sin HAHA! But that thing is a life saver!!! So glad we got it last Christmas.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Hope that it all settles into a rhythm for you guys!