Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pitt-Pitt with the Grands

We ventured out on our last "big" summer trip to the southern grandparents last week. It was very nice to get away from the continuous "to do" list around the house. And it is always nice to be at our parents' houses.... they love on the kids (and us), they feed us and we get to relax a bit and enjoy our time with family:)

Grandma and Grandaddy were very adventurous for this trip:) Since we had only 2 fall days, they had plans for us which included lunch with Great Grandma, swimming, putt-putt, shoe shopping with Anna and time for Mom and Dad to have a "date".... told you they were adventurous and ready for us:)

IMG_0511And as usual with vacation, I want to have the camera by my side...

but it's often left sitting on the counter as we enjoy the sweet moments... like biscuit making with Grandma, eating hot dogs with Great Grandma or the 100th game of Uno with Uncle Scott, Aunt Bea and Grandaddy:) Or Nate's first jumps alone in the pool!!!

I did take pictures of the Grands taking the Grands (and some parents and an uncle) putt-putting. The kids were determined to call it "pitt-pitt"??? Silly little things;)

Grandaddy gave the kids mini-lessons before we headed out for the course!

No matter how fake or "played up" the putt-putt course is.... it always has a pretty look to it. This one was no different. The kids loved the little bridges, dyed blue/green water and the cave:)




IMG_0562The kids had a good time...

but so did the adults:) It's fun playing a game (especially with kids) just for fun!

All the adults enjoyed getting the ball in in just a stroke or two:) Definitely some putt-putting talent in this family:) LOL!!

Loves Brian's relaxed smile after his big "hole in one"!

There couldn't have been a happier little boy when Chris found out he could ride in his own "go cart". He was soo proud out there driving around:) His sisters could have had a chance but declined:(


The funniest thing was watching the kids trying to get the ball into the hole;) I went with Nate (and Grandma) since he's sooo busy:) He was a hoot!!!

He'd put the ball right next to the hole and then hit it in:)

I took a video of Nate chasing Grandma's ball, picking it up, setting it next to the hole and hitting it in! Helping Grandma, of course;)

Nate couldn't ride the go-carts like his big brother. To say he was upset... is down playing his crying, climbing over the railings and fit he threw. So I brought him inside the arcade to calm and distract him.


It definitely worked:)

He didn't even know he wasn't really playing... gotta love the age when they don't know what they are missing;)

And while we enjoyed all the activities! The best thing about vacation for us is seeing our family:) We got to see everyone and we even got to see Great Grandma twice:) We had to get a picture with her... even with a fussy baby:)

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Leila said...

I do enjoy putt-putt! There is something so relaxing about it -- but it would be much more fun with those go-carts!
I'm glad you found a good way to make the sad one happy again!

Jenny said...

I love putt putt, I've gotten kind of competitive in my old age. LOL! I would like to go with just my sister sometime so we can keep score.

That last pic with Nate sliding out of the picture cracked me up. He looks a little ticked.

What a fun time you all had and such great memories!