Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy but Good

The kids played with beans a lot as I read with them this week (as we started to get used to staying in the school/play room with one another all morning). But even when beans are supposed to stay on the blanket they always manage to find a cute way to escape off...

this week it was "bean soup".

Totally MY fault for having a kitchen set in the schoolroom;)


They were happy for more than an hour playing with beans;)

Then setting up a store to sell their "bean soup"!

And yes, the school did get cleaned up.... but there are plenty of beans still lurking around.

Thankfully Friday is clean the school room day, so I'm positive more will be found:) Might even make it a competition to see who can bring me the most... LOL!!

Between the boys playing store together and these sweet moments...


my heart has been happy too:)

My two year old sticking cotton balls in his ears as he tried to convince his Daddy to mow the lawn...

but his Daddy has been busy too. Working on something really HIGH up... I"ll be blogging about it soon in a post called "When you really need to PRAY for your husband and be sure his life insurance policy is up to date!" LOL... just kidding;)


One of the reasons this has been such a busy season for us... besides schooling starting, college classes starting and LIFE, has been Brian's shed project! I'm totally NOT complaining because I did encourage him to build it himself... because he can!! He rocks;)

It's been LATE nights. Eating dinner when it's too dark to see outside so we could eat dinner together. Cleaning the kitchen at 10pm. A busy 2 yr not falling asleep until later:/

And I tell you... he is ONE BUSY 2 yr old. With Daddy working on the shed. And Momma inside cooking dinner he gets into TONS of stuff... I mean he helps out around the house;)


Like feeding the cats;)

So sorry for the lack of posts. It's a busy but delightful season:) We started school this week, I'm trying to stay ahead of my college classes, oh, and the 2 yr old:)


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Jenny said...

Well the cat sure seems happy about Nate's help. LOL!

Cute post. Good idea to have a contest of who can bring you the most beans.

The shed will sure be nice when it's done.

Rachel said...

Um, yes. I was thinking the same thing when I saw Brian stretching with a chain saw!!! Yikes! BTW, Happy Birthday! I know it is this week sometime but for the life of me can never remember exactly which "20" :) Hope it is a good one and you can have someone else make the cake or cookies or sweet thing this year!

Lisa said...

Such a little kitty and so much fooe! :D

My brother built a shed three summers ago, and he did it every spare minute for four months through a hot, humid summer - so much hard work. It will be nice when it's finished!

Aliesha said...

It looks like your kids have a great time playing and learning together! The shed looks awesome so far!

Suanna said...

Keeping up with a two year old is definitely an art. They can get into "trouble" when you least expect it and they aren't even trying.

Leila said...

You are one cheerful Mama. What good memories!