Monday, August 6, 2012

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum Choices

Since beginning "grades" we've followed The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. And we have loved the resources and  having "a plan". Thankfully though home schooling doesn't have to follow just one plan:) We get to use materials that "fit" us and our goals;) So our choices aren't all "The Well-Trained Mind" approved or suggested but I am hoping they are a good fit for us:)

Through the summer I read Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay Clarkson and Sally Clarkson. This book covered a lot more than just educating and home schooling, but really parenting with the purpose of  positive habit training and discipleship. As I plan this year, I'm trying to balance a strong core program, fun (and needed) science and history curriculum but allowing room for us to have the time to train and disciple. Reading the book was a much needed reminder to me since I tend to get overwhelmed with just academics!

One of the most wonderful benefits of homeschooling to us is that we get to learn together;) We have tried to organize our studies so we can do as much as possible together through the day! This makes our activities a lot more noisy and fun;)

What we will do together:) 


Bible - Our 24 Family Ways by Clay and Sally Clarkson, Memory Verses, Journals (1000 gifts and/or SOAP)
History - Story of the World, finish 3 and start 4
Science - Physics using, possible Nutrition class
Art - The World's  Greatest Artists vol 1 from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Music - possible co-op class once a month, hymn/song each month
Spanish - Hooked on Spanish (we're going to try to fit it in again this year)
PE - Rec Time with local home schooling group and soccer in the fall :)

What we work on separately:)

4th Grade*
*Spelling - Spelling Power
*Math - Saxon 54, XtraMath for math fact practice
*Reading - books from the library mostly corresponding to history/science topic
*Grammar - Rod & Staff yr 4 (we're giving R&S a try this year since FLL seemed too easy)
*Writing - letters to friends and family, Writing with Ease??? (still not 100% on this)

2nd Grade*
*Spelling - Spelling Power at s.l.o.w. pace
*Math - finish Saxon 2 and start Saxon 3, XtraMath
*Reading - finish OPG, reading books from library
*Grammar - First Language Lessons 2
*Writing -  letters to friends and family, Writing with Ease

1st Grade*
*Spelling - sight word lists for grades K, 1, and 2
*Math - Saxon 2, XtraMath
*Reading - finish OPG, reading books from the library
*Grammar -  First Language Lessons 2
*Writing -  letters to friends and family, Writing with Ease

Tot School
*Clean up activity/toy before moving to the next toy
*Obeying requests, sharing toys, quiet during reading aloud
*Participating in Bible and Circle Time with older kids
*Possibly some Before Five in a Row reading and activities
* Busy Bag activities that correspond to topics and/or skills from BFIAR

We are also hoping to get involved with a local home schooling group (or two)! Since beginning home schooling Anna in 1st grade, I know we have greatly benefited from being apart of a group for events... mostly field trips but also end of year parties and field day, etc!! It's nice for the kids to be a part of bigger group of students of all ages (younger and older) who also home school:)

Just a note.... * I use these grades to help guide what I am requiring of them. I know my 2nd Grader is more of a 1st/2nd!! Some of his abilities are right at 2nd grade and others aren't!! Thankfully that is one of the blessings of home schooling:) He can learn at his own pace and we can take more time where we need to and  challenge him in areas he excels:) And that is the same with all three of my older kids, not just my 2nd grader:)

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Jamie @ The Unlikely Homeschool said...

We have similar aged kids. It's always fun to read about new curriculums that I haven't heard of and seeing what other families will be up to in the year. Sounds like you have a great plan made. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Great list! I have to read that book by Sally Clarkson. I've checked it out from the library before, but never got around to reading it.

Sarah said...

I love doing things as a group like you! We start our days similarly...Loud but Fun! We worked a ton on character building last year, and almost chose the 24 family ways but did a different one instead. Be prepared for lots of practice with your new skills....Looks like a great year!

Chandra Chinnis said...

We are also giving Rod & Staff English 4 a try this year. FLL3 just wasn't a good fit for us. I also have a 2nd grader. He loves math but doesn't really like to read. We will work on him gaining a love for reading HOPEFULLY this year!!!!!

Donna said...

I love what you've shared here! We have a 1st and a 3rd this year, and we do most everything together. Separate studies are still done in the same space. Loud, but memorable I think.

Coming at you from

Angela said...

I love the casualness of the picture of your children working. It's exactly how I think homeschooling should look like. ;)