Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Little Sister

I thought I'd share some quotes by my 3rd born!!!

The one that adores her siblings and helps me with housework (for fun!!)!

She's very much a girlie girl with spunk!! She's just as daring as her brother and just a tough. Just last month she had at least one bloody injury each week... lips, elbows, knees!


Lydia had to hand over the van's DVD remote as we waited in the car for Brian to run an errand.

In a huff, Lydia commented,"On my next birthday, I"m going to get the remote because I will be bigger."

Chris responded,"Lydia, you'll only be 4. But I will be 5 and Anna will be 7 on her birthday. So you'll still be the littlest."

Lydia responded with determination,"One day... I'm going to be the biggest!"

The kids were figuring out how old they were going to be when Nate would be 3 years old. Chris and Anna figured out how old they would be and then it was time to see how old Lydia would be. Chris showed her 6 fingers and

she was in awe, "I'll be 6!!! Like Anna??"


grandma said...

"i love it" smart kids!!!

Jenilee said...

my girls like to figure out their ages too. it is so hard for them to really grasp time! :) she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww! That is so adorable! love it!

Jenny said...


Bunch of Barrons said...

haha! what a cutie!