Friday, October 1, 2010


This last month has brought MANY smiles!! You have become more and more content each week:) The things that make you smile the most:
* Being tickled
* Peek-a-boo
* Chris "talks" to you!
* When you think it's time to eat:)
* When anyone smiles at you FIRST:)

You are weighing about 17 pounds!!

Dressing you has become a little challenging:) First, the seasons are changing so we're pulling out "warmer" clothes... but second you are growing!

You fit into 6-9 month clothes very well, but will soon be OUT of them. You have also been able to fit a lot of Chris' old oneies... some of them are size 18months!!

Here you are in one of Chris' old shirts!! It's size 18months and is a little bulky in the sleeves and shoulders... but you could definitely wear it already! Which is great because you are still on track for using soo many of Chris' old clothes!!

We think that you have a longer torso and "shorter" legs because 6-9 month pants fit you well, while you need a bigger top size:) Anna is built just like that, too!!

You have become the "Drool Machine"!! You are constantly drooling on EVERYTHING (or trying to eat it). Your clothes under your chin are always wet!! You won't here us complain though because drool sure beats "spit up" :) And we know that teeth must be coming... although we haven't seen any teeth yet!

YES!!!! This is what I still wake up to every morning... your cute face... except YOUR eyes are opened FIRST... way too early, I might add!!!

You're last feeding is usually around 10ish and we tuck you into your nice, clean crib. But you usually holler out for us about 12-1am!!

We're still not sure if you wake for more food, because you miss us or miss our bed!! While everyone would LOVE a full night of sleep.... we honestly cherish these last days of sleeping with you.

Yes, I say last because they must soon come to an end with your increasing abilities to move and how much room you're starting to take up:) Oh, and the fact that you like to wake BEFORE the sun.... too early!!

You are still a GREAT little nurser!! Although it's still around the clock!! Although I"m glad because I had a week this month that I thought our milk supply was down... I"m sure those extra 2 and 4am feeding sessions helped out with that situation!!

You are starting to reach out to grab our food and you LOVE trying to drink water from our cups. If you see us pick up a cup to drink... you wave your arms and get really excited, hoping that we'll share!! And we try to if it won't mess up your nursing time:)

This month as it cooled off, you really began to enjoy being outside. In fact, there were numerous times you watched your siblings venture outside while you nursed and you fussed to be finished and then weren't content until you were outside, too!!

You are soooo content watching everyone and even falling asleep outside in the stroller..... it's very tempting some days to homeschool outside, so you are content without entertainment!

And we tried you in the baby swing... a little early! But you love it!! So we watch you like "first time parents" ... LOL!! Worried you might slip through those leg wholes behind you!

You don't go very high. And sometimes you ball-up your little fists and rub your toes ... almost like you don't like it. But you have a smile and look happy:)

You started rolling from your back to your tummy this month... you were trying hard last month to do it!!

But instead of just going from back to tummy, you've started rolling and exploring on your own. It's very common to see a blanket down and you playing feet from it:)

Lydia and Chris rolled, but never as a way to get around.... you definitely favor Anna in this activity. We remember her rolling all over the place, too!!

BTW... you LOVE that crazy train "blanket"!! It gets washed numerous times each week as you bomb it with drool and spit up.

I found it a used goods swap-store at seminary when we first had Anna. I felt like a goofball getting such a "boy" blanket for Anna, but you're our 4th baby who has loved that thing!

When you are sleepy, you still prefer your paci - the newborn ones, not the upgrade that fits your age! You still aren't CRAZY about having it, but once you're sucking on it, you are pacified and fall asleep more quickly (than without it).

And lately, you've been trying to get the paci in by yourself! You are sooo close in doing it, you just need to

LET GO of it once you get it in:) I know, I know... easier said, than done;)

You still prefer to chew on your fingers,hands, and fists. In fact, you've almost convinced me that you're a wannabe thumb-sucker.

And as a warning to what is next.

We've been seeing you start to get your knees up underneath of you!! (In this picture you were a little fussy!) When your siblings started doing that crawling happened soon after!!!

Yikes, I can't imagine all the mischief you will find when you really start moving!!

This last month has gone fast....

We are soo thankful that you've become such a healthy, sweet, cuddly and funny baby boy!! And we look forward to what the next month brings :)


Stam House said...

wow 5 month already, time is flying by so fast our precious little one turn 4 months this week!!!

He sure is a cutie pie!!!!

grandma said...

Kelly, you did a super job. Thanks for helping us keep up with Nate's progress. He is PRECIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! That means Carsyn will be 5 months in 10 days. Nate seems a little more advanced then Carsyn though.

I love all these pictures. He is so adorable. I especially love the 1st one. :)

Jenny said...

Time goes so fast! He's so sweet!

Abby rolled to get places too, it was funny!