Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Feed Me Already....

For weeks now Nate has been reaching for food.... sticking his hands in our food, grabbing our plates and the WORST... making eating noises while watching us eat.

There is no doubt in my mind that at almost 6 months and sitting up alone (some tipping over) that he has been ready to eat for some time. Why hold him off???

While researching and talking to our allergist and pediatrician, the 6th month mark is the magic age for introducing foods to help delaying food allergies... over and over and over I've heard it and read it.

We have found that delaying the introduction to the problem foods in our older kids HAS made their sensitivity to it lessen, we think! (Lydia seems to be alot less sensitive to milk/egg products than Chris and Anna!)

Or maybe it's just a different kid, with a body that reacts to foods differently.

Welcome to the Uncertain World of Food Allergies!! Where we may know A Whole Lot more than we Used to Know, but it's still NOT Enough to answer the simple questions like "will my child grow out of her milk/peanut allergy?"

or for us right now "Is it ok to start feeding Nate a week or two early (since he's about to grab the food off our plates and help himself)??

This week we had a funny situation that helped us with an answer....

Remember we had our sweet friends visiting with us - the parents and their crew of 5! They have learned that major events like meals and snacks should be done together to tame the choas:) LOL!!!

So that's what we did!! Here's our 2 crews at a neighbor's house enjoying a quick snack together!!
Nate was awake and ready to join in the fun:) He loved the twins (and the dirt)!!!

And then as I was snapping pics.....

I saw the "hand off"!!!
And what did my little boy do with the apple slice?????

He stuck the corner in his mouth and started to gum it.... of course! He's been watching us for weeks AND he does that to everything he can pick up right now... LOL!!!

(just so no one freaks out... I was totally watching him and if he got any pieces off.... while handing a baby an apple slice isn't the smartest thing in the world, I was watching him, checking his progress with each toothless chomp and I had eaten some the apple myself so I knew it was a very sturdy textured apple!!)

I went to show Brian and Nate was gumming away ( totally MY bite mark in the apple)!

Up the nose!
And you gottta love his expression here;)
So this week, I just went ahead and started feeding him more foods that aren't on the most common allergy lists!!

He was ready.

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Stam House said...

Food allergies, we got those too, Rachel almost 5 months react severely to milk product and eggs, so since I'm breastfeeding her I had to cut that off my diet!

btw Nate is a cutie pie love those picture!

Kelly @ In Everything said...


yes, I have milk products, eggs and peanuts totally cut out of my diet as well while I nurse!! Most days it's not a BIG deal, but any talk of eating pizza or having a grilled cheese and it's tough:) LOL!!

I"m soo thankful though that through breastfeeding we've been able to identify their food allergies versus them having severe reactions to what they've eaten!! So thankful that with all the allergies and accidental exposures we've never had to use the Epi!!!

Shelly said...

LOL That up the nose shot is hilarious! Sorry to hear you have to deal with food allergies. I'm sure that is a pain.

Stacey said...

So cute!!! I wouldn't worry too much about the apple thing. Obviously you want to be there anytime he's eating anyway. I'd encourage you to read the book Baby Led Weaning :) It's full of great information about feeding babies.

Anonymous said...

Aww! So cute. Carysn still acts like he doesn't want food. Which is the opposite of what Dustyn was like.

What about Mum Mums? They are rice rusks. He would probably like those.

Jenny said...

He's getting so big! So cute!

Meg said...

Such cute pictures of him enjoying the apple!

Busy Working Mama said...

OK the last picture is hilarious :) What a cutie! Happy Wednesday!

Amanda @ My Everyday Blog said...

I couldn't keep my girly from food. She flipped her lid every time we ate. She's been great so far without any sensitivities but no one here has any food allergies so it seems like she'll be fine too. She's sitting up now too! Nate's too cute!