Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween 2010

We're not HUGE Halloween celebrators....

We really enjoy our church's Harvest Festival on Saturday night.... always a great time with church members and meeting new members from the community;)

We (or maybe it's just me! LOL!!) enjoy carving pumpkins!! Scooping all the seeds out, baking the seeds and then carving pictures and faces into our pumpkins (this year the 1st night we'll display them is actually on the 31st... I usually like it done a little earlier... ).

But we're not big on dressing up.... in fact, this year only 50% of us dressed up:) LOL!!

Anna wore a snow White dress from Little Dress Up shop

Brian wore a shirt he picked up off a clearance rack for $1!

And Nate was the cutest little Skeleton:)

That was all Friday and Saturday.... SUnday was a whole new day!!

We spent the morning at church, enjoying our church family and participating in our various classes/studies;) Except we had a surprise visit from the leader of the VBS crew that came down for VBS... so nice to see them!

Then we had a quick lunch and everyone napped (hmmm, everyone but Nate and I, he's in an awful nap schedule... grrrr... waiting for him to go to 2 predicable naps a day!)

During the late afternoon, we had a "stick incident" outside which resulted in Lydia getting hurt! After an EMT friend came over we decided to drive to our peditrician's after-hours clinic!

After an hour appt, Brian and Lydia emerged smiling (with candy!!). She didn't need stitches (although, not sure if they could have even done stitches how close to her eye the injury was)! In fact, the cuts had already started healing... our bodies are amazing!

And the best news was that they checked her eye for scratched on her cornea and didn't have any! She is just a VERY lucky girl and is very fortunate to have people praying daily for her! We were soo thankful!

Got pics on the way home!

Trying to be "happy".

We rounded out the evening sitting on the side of the road...

no, it wasn't us!! Thank goodness!

But we passed a car stopped in the middle of our lane. After passing them, Brian turned around to help.... it was a young mom traveling with a 2 month old. And her car was totally broken down and she was at least a couple of hours from home!!

We spent a good amount of time there... Brian checking her car and us waiting for some local friends to pick her up.

I hate to even mention this....

but my kids did complain about having to sit in the car and wait. And while we were hungry, it was LATE so we were all tired and having to use the potty (LOL!!) It was a great opportunity to remind them about the Good Samaritan- who was ready to help and go beyond the initial help to be sure the one needing help was ok!!

And I was soo glad Brian decided to turn back when it would have been soo much easier to drive by and care for his own family!! he kept saying that he would have wanted someone to show us the same kindness, if I was ever stranded on the side of the road!

So we've had some FULL days this weekend!! Ready for a QUIET week to recover and for Lydia to heal!!


Jenny said...

What a busy day! Poor Lydia, here eye injury looks like it was pretty painful :(

That is great that you all helped out the lady on the side of the road. I bet she was a nervous wreck being in a broken down car with a 2 month old!

Abby was Snow White this year too!

Drea said...

OUCH! poor Lydia :( im glad shes ok.. I remember one of Calebs 1st boo boos, he was just learning to walk and fell, and hit the side of his eye right on a table corner, it put a big slit so close to his eye, scared me bad. He also was fine.
Then that big scar on the back of his head that you can see to this day, was HUGE, squirted blood like an R movie. We thought for sure it needed stitches, but nope, it had already begun to heal.. however had they stitched it he wouldnt of had such a big scar on the back of his head... oh well :) less traumatic and scars on boys are "cool" once they are older right? haha

And good for brian stopping!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a busy weekend. Hope Lydia feels better soon. That looks bad. Nate is so cute in his skeleton costume!

Stam House said...

Love Nate's smile!!! he is adorable is that outfit! and that princess dress ADORABLE!

Meg said...

I am so glad Lydia was ok! That is scary! Thank you for setting such a great example and stopping to help that mom. I have been in that situation before and relied on wonderful strangers giving their time and resources to help. Your kids got a great first hand look at Christ's love in action through you guys!