Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look What I'm learning?

During a recent visit with Grammie I heard Lydia (3 yr old) say,"You happy for me, Grammie? I not get FARKLE!"
I always worry that my kids have too much "down time" during our school days, but with three kids on different levels and a baby needing feeding and naps.... that's just what happens. (Thank goodness we're in the early years!)

Lately though they've been playing "school" during their "down time". Its soo funny to hear from the other room:)

And it's actually been productive. Anna has taught Chris his double addition facts.
Chris (4 yrs): Mom, do you know what 8 plus 8 is?
Me: Hmmmm, let me think?
Chris (excitedly): 16!!

We've making breakfast the last few mornings (versus just eating cereal or toast...lack of good cereal!).

SO as I was fixing breakfast, Chris was at work making a menu....

You want to take a guess at what we were having??? He threw in a couple extra words, too:)


Mrs. Stam said...

this is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

You had pancakes?! Dustyn loves pancakes.

Jenilee said...

my girls do the same thing! play school in their down time. problems arise when they all want to be the teacher!


Tracey M. said...

These are sweet! I love his little menu. My 2-year-old just today wrote his first "grocery list"...while scribbling he's saying things like "raisins...bread...peanut butter & jelly..." So fun.

Ashley said...

Would you be able to share what curriculums you are using with the kids? I love following your blog and your children are gorgeous!