Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lydia is 7!

So Lydia celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago:/ We were away celebrating Great Grandma's 105 birthday during Lydia's actual birthday and then it just got BUSY!

When we returned home we went to pick up her gift....

IMG_3831A kitten we adopted from our local vet office. The kitten was brought in by animal control after it was found in one of their cages:/  Sad to think what would have happened to her if our vet didn't have this program!

Lydia had been wanting a pet for a while... a long while! She was hesitant about getting a kitten because of our other two running off:/ But after some research and talks, she decided that she really did like having the cats and wanted another kitten!

So Abigale became a part of the family....

but on one of the coldest weeks ever, so the outside cat became an inside kitten for the 1st week of her stay:) More on that in another post!!

Lydia is our compassionate child. Whether it's taking care of the pets, being the peace-maker while playing with Nate, helping Chris with his extra chores, or serving my dad when he was sick (Lydia sat by his side on some of our visits willing to get stuff for him or hand him his cup) .... Lydia has a servant's heart!

She's also a little self motivated child. She can be such a hard-worker in her studies. In fact when she does complain about an activity or amount of work I have assigned her, I often have had to step back and remind myself "she's only 6 (or now 7)". We've seen it the most in her reading.... she loves reading and we can often find her reading a book that she's found interesting:)

She's not a perfect child... don't get me wrong! I'm not sure how one sweet, little girl can throw soo many things onto a floor as quickly as she can. Or when she and Chris team-up... oh, goodness, THAT is a pair... the giggles, screams and antics those two STILL get into keeps me on my toes! Of course, she's also the one that keeps her brother straight and out of too much trouble:)

But she's also the child that had to remind me the other day that there were more important things than Downton Abbey???  LOL!! I HAD to figure out what she was getting at. She wanted me to know that I could better use my hour on Sunday evening reading my Bible;)  Always nice to have a kid with a heart that is being softened towards the Lord. What a special little girl and stage we are in right now;)

We are blessed to have our little Lydia in our family! 
I love how God builds the family with all the differences, similarities and always the perfect fit;)

Happy (belated)7th  Birthday to our Lydia!

Lydia's  Stats
Lydia is 50 inches tall and weighs  about 65 lbs!

IMG_3832She seems to have skipped a couple of sizes recently! Thankfully she has "shopped" Anna's side of the closest and has found sizes 8-10 that fit well.

She's doing 2nd/3rd grade work... she has buzzed through  Math and seems to always have a book in her hands!!

Her favorites:

Color : Light White
Food : Tacos
Treat:  Chocolate Chip Cookies
Subject: Science
Animal: Cats
Do inside: Play with Legos, wrestle with Nate
Outside Activity: Explore in the woods, Play with Cat
Toys: Remote Control Car
Restaurant: O' Charleys
Book: anything about Animals- especially dogs, horses and cats
Movie: Brave, Spirit
TV Show: Leave It to Beaver

Goals for her 7th year: "train my cat to jump through a hoop and come when I call it"

When you ask her what she wants to be when she "grows up" she'll respond "a veterinarian"!


Grandma said...

Oh my! What a precious little girl is this Little Lydia. We love you! G and G

Jenny said...

Happy 7th birthday to Lydia! I bet she will be a vet, she sounds so compassionate and caring for animals. What a great kid!