Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Thrift Store Risk

IMG_4253I've been lacking in the jean department lately:/ Mostly because I'm not at a place where I'm willing/able to really invest in really great jeans.

So I went thrifting with 4 kids on toe... sounds positively choatic but it wasn't too bad:) A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! We were in the area of some thrift stores and I had to take along my entourage or not go!

But you can imagine when I found "my" size in a decent brand:) I was soo excited and they fit wonderfully!

And then I looked down and saw it...

a line across the front of BOTH legs:/ Really??? How do you get a line across both legs with ink?

Normally, I would have put them back on the hanger and then brought them to the front as "damaged goods". But they fit soooo well!

So when I went to check out, I asked for a discount:) Yes, at a thrift store I ask for a discount:) It was a risk  to bring them home not knowing whether the stain would or could be removed... grr!

So I took the challenge.... either to get the stain out or change the jeans into something usable! And everyone thought I was crazy.... LOL... my kids, my husband and yes probably even two people I called for a "pep talk" once I was home.

After some googling and reading, I decided to try what I already had... start with the easiest thing possible... non-acetone nail polish remover.


Since I couldn't work with the pants from the inside-out (the ink didn't go all the way through...a good sign), I just stuffed the leg with a towel so it wouldn't leak onto the side. And proceeded to dab the ink with nail polish remover on a cotton ball.


At first it was hard to see if it was really coming out or if the jeans just were getting darker because they were damp. But I did one leg and then threw the jeans into the washer for a cool wash.


When they came out, I air dried them overnight! And sure enough the ink on the leg I worked on was completely out. The ink on the opposite leg was not as dark too. So I got to work with the remover and cotton ball for the other side;)

I was almost giddy... LOL!! I know soo very silly!! But to think that I had taken the challenge and invested very little time to give these jeans a new life in MY closet:)  I was willing to put forth a little effort and get a great pair of jeans for a super price!

And the weekend before last I went thrifting with the girls and came home with two awesome crochet-like sweaters for Anna... soo bummed they didn't fit me;)

Yep, thrifting works for us:)


Krista R said...

#1- After 4 kids you fit into a size 4?? Good for you honey!
#2- I'm thinking someone was going t make shorts out of those??
#3- We went into Banana Republic at the mall the other day (to dream:) and their jeans are $89 a pair!! Thrift shops are so so awesome!!

Aliesha Caldwell said...

What a great find! Good to know that nail polish remover gets out ink!

Kelly B said...

Aliesha - I was worried about using nail polish remover so I did try it on an inside seam to be sure it didn't take the color out:)

But it was a very easy clean up. Funny enough, Nate took a pen to our laminate floor a few days later. I didn't even bat an eye... just grabbed the nail polish remover;)

Krista- I think the fact that actually fit into the 4 was one of the reasons I was determined to make the jeans work:) LOL!! I'm just have a smaller frame... always have! But that doesn't mean I'm "in shape"... totally working on that. And is one reason I'm sticking with $5 jeans!

Drea said...

You need to travel to Atlanta and thrift here, the thrifting in Altanta is honestly like none other. I am absolutely spoiled now :) - I dont pay more than $2.00 for anything any more and a lot of my thrifted items still have tags! Insane what Altanta peeps throw out :) - ill be very sad to leave the thrifting here whenever we do move haha...

Jenny said...

Awesome find! I had heard alcohol works for ink, but didn't know nail polish remover did. Cool!

Kelly@LovelyTravel said...

you know what, i learnt new thing from your post today.. that is; i can remove ink stains with nail polish removers too :) thanks for the post sweetie :)