Wednesday, January 22, 2014

105 years and counting

Brian's grandma turns 105 this week! Yes, 105!

Since I refer to the grandparents in terms of the kids, I call her Great-Grandma and that's how many of you "know" her, too!

In honor of her birthday, I thought I'd share a really fun visit we had with her during Christmas break. We went to see her for an hour or so but she was having a really good day and I DID have my camera and DID take it out.... thankfully so:)

One of the first happenings was the kids collecting massive of pretty little purple flowers. They came in with handfuls that Uncle Larry found a vase for!


And then Lydia gave Great-Grandma a Loop bracelet she had made for her:) Great-Grandma was pleased and now totally in style!

And then it was Brian's turn:) Great-Grandma's sight is pretty poor. She can see us but not really the details. After our Christmas Day visit, Uncle Larry had told her that Brian was growing some facial hair. So when Brian got close she had to have a chat with him:)

It went something like this:

G-Gma: Larry told me you were growing some facial hair.

G-Gma: Well...

G-Gma: You know what they say. If you can't grow it on top you grow it on your chin.

LOL!! She is just priceless!!

As I sat there watching my husband with his grandma I was soo touched by her show of affection for him...



and the special bond they share.


And it's from years of being one of his biggest fans and supporters. For always being a listening ear for him and encouraging him in his pursuits. For being sure each time he came to visit she would have his favorite frozen doughnuts in the freezer for him. All the little things through the years that make a big impression on a kids' heart no matter how "old" they are:)

We are so thankful for our Grandma/Great-Grandma!! We have treasured each visit we've had with her through the years. And as the kids grow in number and size she just continues to go with the flow;)

We wish Great-Grandma a very HAPPY 105th BIRTHDAY this week:)


Jenny said...

How sweet! These are great pics. LOL at her quick humor.

Drea said...

your gramma is so cute! and wow 105. thats amazing. I like brian with facial hair, to me it makes him look more rugged. Not sure if he'd like that compliment haha. Glad you got to spend some time with her. Travis' moms younger sister died this weekend. Had a stroke :( - not sure if he can travel to go to the funeral but he's going to try.