Thursday, February 27, 2014

BFIAR : Angus Lost

Nate and I have been using Before Five in a Row to "row" a book about every two weeks or so. I work only 15 or so minutes with him individually each day so making a book last 2 weeks or so is very easy!  Nate is also really into letters so sometimes he just likes doing activities with letters and not our BFIAR activities!

Right now it's just exposure and enjoying learning. He's also working a little about listening/following directions while we work together:)

We had soo much fun the last few weeks with Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack that I thought I'd share some of what we did! I'll share by topic/week... I'm very simple with pre-school... again making learning fun!

When we first read through Angus LOst we talked about getting lost and what the kids (because all the kids were gathered around Nate and I by the end of the book) should do if they got "lost" at a store or park. It's one of those conversations that parents need to have. The older kids and I have had the conversation many times but I don't remember being intentional with Nate about the getting lost and going with strangers! So a needed conversation!

During our first week of Angus Lost we also talked about D and dogs.  We read through Angus Lost each day and made all the animal sounds:) We played with "D" magnets. We tried to spell dog;)


I also collected some "D" items in a bag for a "game". Nate had to reach in the bag and pick up one to name. I put a wooden letter D, a plastic doughnut, play dishes, a toy dog and other random items. Nate's favorites were his dinosaur, two dimes and a dollar;)

We also talked about dogs. We looked a dog encyclopedia that had a TON of dog breeds. We read through a book about caring for dogs and then Nate made a chart to take care of Jack for the week.




We also had a few "dog" activities:)
Nate liked this pattern block "dog" template from here.

This super cute "Puppy Fun" was a favorite activity! Found here.
An amazing resource for us was a printable packet from Homeschool Creations made for Angus Lost. We used MANY things from the printables including the story sequencing, matching cards, maze, pre-writing activities, and this mini-reader! For the mini-reader, I copied it and glue the individual pieces to construction paper. Then laminated and made it into a flip book. The little Angus (and milk) pieces I laminated separated and had the back waxed so they would stay in place and Nate can do it over and over and over and over;) LOL!!

Another fun activity Nate liked... that I didn't get a picture of... was sorting  dogs with long legs and dogs with short legs;) Too funny! And we also used the pieces to match them with the correct breed in the dog encyclopedia.... Lydia helped us with that activity:) We printed the pieces from this Angus Lost packet!

Our second week included some snow days ... which are never too productive... and that's OK!! Perfect for a week to talk about caves and making one in the school room:)

Everyone had to climb through:) They made cave drawings and bats (and brought bears) to complete the cave;)
There are soo many cute kids dog books out there...  we included Harry the Dirty Dog and Flash the Dash during our weeks reading about Angus.

After visiting another town's library and found Angus and the Ducks by Flack as well:) That find got my brain going since Angus Lost's setting was winter and Angus and the Ducks is spring/summer .... we did a third week with Angus talking about SEASONS:) oh, yes! I just love how many things can be "studied" from just one book (or two).

We talked about a season a day using a couple of really cute season books from our library! So why not make a season book;)


Using season cards, we matched letters and "wrote" each season on the page!

We also borrowed a Season Box from our local ChildLinks office. From the box, Nate loved sorting the pieces into what season it matched. And then he surprised me one morning by tracing all the words on the 12 cards... I've got another writer;)



As you can see some weeks we get a lot done... other weeks our actual BFIAR-time is much less! There is no hurry, no rush, just us carving out a few minutes to spend with Nate doing "his" school when the others are starting their individual work:)

Nate is very content during school time playing with Legos, cars, puzzles and whatever else he finds to do. He is also starting to sit with us for Bible time (a work in progress). And when we're needing some quiet, Nate watches educational shows and DVDs. He is NEVER still or bored!

We started Caps for Sale today.... we'll see where it takes us this week (and probably the next week or so)!

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you're kiddos are so talented.. they made amazing drawings and completed those activities.. they are lovely and amazing