Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pencil Sharpening Sanity - a Review

Some days in the school room, the smallest things can drive any momma crazy!!!! For this momma, it's been PENCILS....

IMG_3686you laugh!

But you can understand herding 4 kids to their schooling spots with all the books out... some days it's like herding cats! We've got all we need we start and SNAP! A pencil lead breaks. SNAP! Another.

And then the cheapo electric sharper sounds good but does n.o.t.h.i.n.g. !!! We get out the little manual ones that came in the pencil sets... they are the back-ups:) But they don't work either!!

I finally was desperate and put a plea on a Facebook home schooling site... pleading for what works in other homes. And a friend excitedly offered what she loved... yes, I could tell she was EXCITED about her pencil sharpener.... only home schooling moms and teachers are giddy over a GREAT sharpener:)

Best yet! This mom had owned a sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies and then bought a bunch with friends to share and even to carry one with her to a co-op she teaches.... yes, this was the sharpener that might save MY sanity, too!

On the day the sharpener arrived, my son grabbed it and started sharpening:)

Oh, it was Beautiful!!!

And the kids love to sharpen because it's easy and it works. They load up the pencil cup with lots of sharpened pencils so there really isn't a need to sharpen during our academic time... unless they are procrastinating:)

I love the design. It is a manual sharpener but it just takes seconds to fully sharpen a pencil. It's very easy to use and not too messy for inside. I also love that it grips the pencils so the device can be used without mounting. And while the expensive pencils seem to last longer and don't break as often, this sharpener makes the Dollar Tree pencils very usable, too.
Two considerations to this sharpener are the lack of good mounting materials and the price. These come with a little vice that can hold the sharpener to the edge of a table, but it came loose every time we tried it. We sharpened most often without any mounting... which is actually convenient so it can be moved around to where ever we need it.

The price is understandable because this is a solid, quality sharpener! We were very impressed with the sturdiness, quality of the materials, the ease of use and the SANITY this pencil sharpener has brought into our school days!! And did I mention that they always have free shipping??

And here is Chris demonstrating how it works for you:)

A huge thank you to Classroom Friendly Supplies for allowing my family to review this device!! We have accurately shared our opinion of this product with no compensation besides being able to keep the sanity-saving, red sharpener!

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Grandma said...

Christopher, You did a fantastic job telling about the pencil sharpener. I want to try it out when we come up to see you all.