Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our 1st Week with Abigale

It's always fun to have a new subject to take pictures of:) And Abigale has been my latest victim... LOL!! Probably because she is just too sweet and kittens are so very photogenic:)


But the picture just keep coming as Lydia and this kitty have had a week indoors to bond.... yes, a week INDOORS! No, I am not crazy... yes, I AM allergic to cats;)

The morning we brought Abigale home we bathed her with Jack's shampoo!! I wished I had pictures or better yet a video of trying to bathe this sweet (scared to death) kitty. At one point the girls couldn't find her because she was literally climbing in the shower curtains at least 4 feet UP!

The reason we brought her in to begin with was the freezing weather coming into our area. We got her on a Monday and they were calling for a foot of snow starting Tuesday morning. So we kept her in our washroom when she couldn't be watching full-time. We kept a kitty crate in the room with a towel in there for her and she quickly used that place to settle down for the evenings.

We introduced her to both of the other pets;)

Jack LOVED Abigale! At first Abigale wanted nothing to do with Jack. But after a while she started rubbing against his legs and then they started playing together. Running around the room taking turns chasing each other. Although Abigale can definitely back Jack into a corner;)

Abigale is very interested in Mr Darcy but Darcy went wild to get away fast from Abigale. We haven't tried it again just because of Darcy's reaction:/

Abigale was too easy as far as the pottying goes! It took Jack about a  month or so to be consistent and that was only because we stuck to a strict schedule with his walks;)

Often though she found her way into the school room while we attempted to school.


And it was funny to see her CRASH after playing with the kids... I know cats nap but Abigale just wasn't prepared to be kid-handled those first few days:)




It was kind of bittersweet that Abigale was able to move out into the shed last Monday afternoon:/ I didn't realize how much we'd miss having her in the house with us! And how we had gotten into a routine of caring for her each day!

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Jenny said...

She's gorgeous! I say just keep her inside. LOL! What a sweet kitty. She looks like she was really helpful with school!