Monday, October 28, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The kids and I have been trying to teach Nate John 3:16.

One morning as we were snuggling in the morning, we practiced a bit! Just a sweet blessing those snuggle moments are;)

And Nate repeats," That whosoever believes in Him, will not Spanish." LOL!!! I guess he hears the word "Spanish" at our house than the word "perish" :)

Over a dinner meal, we were discussing what the kids had worked on during our day:) Nice way to have Daddy help "teach" as we review!!

Brian asked the kids,"What is an atom?"

Lydia responded, "Daddy, YOU don't know what an atom is?"

Brian (the man with a degree in Chemistry) said "Maybe I don't but I was asking you."

"Well, I don't know!" she giggled back.

I guess we'll be working on filling in that gap:) LOL!!


Just before heading to bed, Anna called over her shoulder to her Daddy, "Hope you are ready to spend a lot of money tonight!"

It took Brian and I a minute or so to figure out what she could have been talking about! And then it HIT us... LOL!! She had just lost a tooth and was hinting around;)

Obviously our kids have a very real understanding about the tooth "fairy" story!!


Finally, I got a shot of Nate digging his hand into a pumpkin as we did our carving this year:) His little face definitely tells how he felt about the experience;)


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