Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Candy Thief

All dressed up this year!! Two Ninjas (lovely :/), an Indian princess and an "army man" with his face smashed in to the helmet... it wasn't that tight, he just liked it that way!


We had the Halloween candy on the counter, I had the idea of using to motivate a little more obedience. And while it did work... well...

there was a thief lurking around!

When he was caught in the act he said, "Me not eating tandy, me just picking some out."


He looks guilty doesn't he? LOL!!


BTW... anyone  else surprised to see Nate clothed?????  LOL!!

Yesterday, he went outside in just undies and quickly came back inside stating that he needed to get some clothes on. Minutes later he returned in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts... that matched really well. He was upset that I made him change into warmer clothes;)

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