Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The h-Word and more

I was hit with the innocence of my children this week in a casual conversation as we finished up a meal. We were planning how to tidy up a school room that was ravaged by Tornado Nate-o and I expressed my dislike for those little bumpy blocks that keep getting tossed over the floor at least 2 times a day... if we're lucky:/

Yes, LEGOs!! We have a love-hate thing going:) I love how creative the kids can be with them and how they can sit in the school room and build/create for hours... building little houses and a city and then visiting one another....

LOL.... that's what happens when the sister's play, too!!

Back to the conversation with one of my kiddos.... I said under my breath, "I hate LEGOs."

I got a horrified look from this kid. And then they say, "You said the h-word!"

I didn't bust out laughing... instead I was taken back from how it sounded to them. And then just totally relieved that my children are still so innocent!!

It just made me thankful.

It was a simple reminder to continue to protect those little ears and those sensitive hearts as long as we can:) 

Nate, the determined gardener, was out in the bed-o-weeds this week and brought home a beauty:)


Its awesome that the summer garden is still giving us pepper-gifts and I totally wish I stayed on top of the garden more.... just feels impossible to keep up with the inside need-to-do list!


We bought a circuit kit for schooling this year as the kids and I worked through a unit on elecrtricity. We have had a blast with it and have learned a ton through "play".

Using the kit recently, Chris found an experiment to make the current go through water. We were fascinated:)

But then the next experiment was to make the current go through our bodies... it's a AA battery and just for a few seconds to make a buzzer go off... just for those who are worried:/ And I totally did it first;)

But then Chris got silly:) LOL!!

It was actually a very safe demonstration that our bodies are good conductors of elasticity!! It made the electricity safety rules we read through gain importance in the eyes of the kids.

Add your own kiddo-talk to the comments:)


Phyllis said...

I love this post. So much fun.

Grandma said...

fascinating---they could teach me a thing or two!