Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Chrome Mom Moment

So I'd say everyone has seen the Chrome Mom commercial by now.

I'll be honest that it's an annoying commercial to me. Maybe its a little too real, LOL!! I finally sit for a moment to myself and the kids' radars (the same radars that detect phone use) go off. I can hear the signals, "She's on the computer (phone), lets....."

And it bothers me that the mom doesn't even acknowledge that her kid is trying to get her attention:/ Bt maybe she's needed a "break"... been there:)

Anyway, Nate pulled a "Chrome Moment" this week in the car. The older kids were having an in-depth conversation of what make helicopters different from airplanes and I was driving as I listened in.

Out of nowhere Nate started calling for me. Seriously, in 15 seconds he called me 3 different "mom" names at least 10 times each!!

Thankfully, I just laughed! And then finally had to acknowledge him before it continued too much longer:/

Your turn:)
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