Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday - A Cross and Closet Sleeper


Lydia and Nate went outside to build one afternoon. They were just precious when they proudly came to the door to show me what they had made.

Nate said,"It's the cross, like Jesus died on the cross."

Can't tell you how much that touched my heart... what a blessing to know that at 3, he is learning these basic and wonderful truths.


My mom is currently in Nepal for a 6 week volunteer opportunity that she and my dad dreamed of doing before they knew how sick he was with cancer. She decided to go because it was on her heart as well. Mom is there with established people helping in all sorts of projects.

About the same time my mom was boarding her flight, Anna started to make herself a bed... in the closet:)

"I want to sleep on the ground like Grammie might have to," she has said.

She's also planning ahead (which is also a trait of my 1st born) because Grammie has promised to take them camping when she returns... so she's also preparing for the camp-out! LOL!! I think sleeping in the closet for 6 weeks is plenty of practice for an overnight camping trip;)

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