Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zoo Day

One of the blessings of being home schoolers is being able to take field trip days with the grandparents:)

It had been too long since we had seen Grammie. Since April she has made a couple of surprise visits to our home.... which we love:) But it had been LONG time since we had visited her in her neck of the woods which often leads to field trips:)

So to the zoo we went; meeting Hannah Grace, Thatcher and Aunt Jaclyn there;)... yes, cousins get to come on field trips, too!!


I got some fun pictures...



and then Anna took off with the camera:) I have a little photographer in the making;)




Another funny memory of the trip was the 1st night;) We heading to Grammie's after soccer practice and so we didnt get to her house until 9:30ish! ALL the kids fell asleep in the van during the trip! Nate and Anna were still a little drozy and they fell back asleep within an hour or so...



Not Lydia and Chris!!

They learned about midnight and how it marks a new day when everyone is supposed to be asleep;) And then they got it into their heads to try to stay up to 2 o'clock! So they officially became the "2 o'clock club"!


Although my mom and I were tired, it was kinda fun to have the middle two "alone" for a little while... but we didn't share their excitement about staying up until 2am. Oh, and they didn't quite make it;) Thankfully:)

We also did an autumn swim before Grammie closed down her pool... we thought it was going to be our last swim for the season... thought;)

Anyone else having amazing weather;) It's really hard to stay inside to school on nice days like these we've had the last few weeks!!


Jenny said...

So cute! We love going with cousins to the zoo too! LOL at the middle two staying up so late. I bet they were tired the next day!

Suanna said...

This sounds like a fun visit. I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with family and taking a zoo field trip.