Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tiny Talk at School

One morning we were listening to a piece by Bach. The instrument was an organ and I wanted the kids to identify the organ by listening for it.

So I asked, "What is playing the music on the CD?"


And then Anna pipes up, "A CD player!"

I was reading an ABC book with Nate:) After reading it I was singing the ABCs as we turned the pages to each letter. I got to O and Nate stopped me.

"Mommy, that not an "O". That is a circle!"

Me singing, "The O says "ah", the O says "ah".....

Nate interrupted, "But Mommy it a circle! It not say "ah"! "

He's a stubborn 3 yr old!! This teaching thing takes a lot more creativity with him than it did for his siblings who thought I was always right:/


Anna had been working on her vocabulary words and came in to check her work, "Mom, does mimic mean that someone copies what someone else says?"

Me : Yep!

And then I hear behind me "someone copies what someone else says"! LOL!! A younger brother with a dry sense of humor... like his Daddy!

And a recent favorite of mine (that I shared on SIMPLE last week) was part of one of Nate's infamous arguments. We were all in the school room doing school:)

Nate came to the school table with a notebook and pencil and demanded," Me turn for a spelling test!"

How do you give a spelling test to a kid still learning letter recognition?? So I tried to distract him with some other options! But he was not pleased and continued to ask for the spelling test.

Anna finally appeased him with a "spelling test" and now it's a regular thing here;) Check out his test from this week :) LOL!!

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