Monday, June 3, 2013

I am a Backyard Farmer (at heart)

Have you wondered where I've been??? LOL.. probably NOT:)

But I've become a backyard farmer:)

IMG_2249For years I would put in a few veggie plants in a small side garden at the parsonage:) I loved watching the tomatoes, squash and sometimes the cucumber grow. But I dreamed of something bigger...

our own land to plow up and really give "gardening" a chance!

So this year I couldn't wait until it was warm enough to start!! I was very excited and thankful that a another family offered to help us with plowing, preparing the rows and to answer any questions. It's been a blessing to have someone willing to help and not laughing too hard at this Northerner gone Southern trying to garden;)

Can I say how much I LOVE working in the garden;) It's been so cool to watch everything grow;) There is always plenty to do... mostly weeding and watering now that almost evryting is planted (for now). I am also dealing with a pesky garden invader... I'm thinking it's a squirrel:/

The kids love running out each morning to check the size of the squash growing, or the bean plants or find new tomatoes:) They are soo proud of the plants that they planted from seed and now seeing the plants bearing "fruit"... so very cool:) And cute!

fun to watch them grow... this was over a week ago... need to take a pic of them now;)


I realized though this weekend what a different mindset I have now as a backyard farmer. For example, I've always groaned and stayed inside during rainy days... boy, now... I can't wait for it to really rain to feed the garden. A good rain does a much better (and cheaper) job feeding the garden than I can!!

The big thing this weekend was being excited about wasps. Lydia was stung right above the eye on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon last week and had a swollen eye for a few days (my poor little girl)!! So it was really strange for Lydia, Chris and I to be cheering on the wasp to visit all the tomato plants and blossoms;)

My normal husband just shakes his head:) LOL!!

Yep, I'm a backyard farmer:)

And we hope to be picking our first fruits soon:) There will definitely be pictures...
if the squirrel doesn't get into the garden first:/


Jenny said...

I did wonder what you were up to! I'm so glad you all are enjoying your new home and yard.

Ouch about the wasp bite. Poor Lydia. I've never been stung, do they itch?

Kelly B said...

Lydia didn't complain about itching as much as hurting. Her eye was soo swollen... she didn't want any pictures though:/

Crazy enough she was helping me plant!!