Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growing, Growing, Growing

Nate tells me daily that he is "soo big now" but he's not the only thing growing around here:)

The garden has exploded!! The plants have grown so tall and they are giving us plenty of squash, cucumbers, zucchini, mostly recently green beans and adventure as we search daily for "the goods".


Our little sunflowers are no longer little;)

And in case you're not sure how tall Lydia is we thought we'd add another perspective;)

To the right (in the picture) of Nate and I are the corn plants also getting tall. Underneath the corn are watermelon and cantaloupe plants but I think the watermelon are trying to take over the garden... they are spreading everywhere;)


And behind us are our crazy tomato plants... my rowdy teens;) They are just all over the place. I have most of the individually staked but they are still growing and leaning every which way. One can look at my tomatoes and see that I am very new to all of this;) And they are mostly green... this week we did find a few surprises;)




And while I do log the most hours in the garden, my kids do most of the harvesting;)
Yes, even Nate;)





Even some left for tomorrow's harvest:)


And don't you know those little veggie hunters brought in a quart Ziplock bag full of green snap beans from the garden this evening. They were a little disappointed we had already eaten dinner. But they decided that the beans could also be eaten for lunch tomorrow;)

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Jenny said...

That is so exciting!