Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Update

When I posted about our garden last week I used older pictures. I thought we needed an update especially since this is the exciting time in gardening... getting the GOODs:)

From a far...
Our green garden jungle:)

All the rain from the storm last weekend has made all the plants grow exponentially (or at least it looks like it)!

Like the zucchini

It's a little hard to get a peel of how big it is with all the green around it. So I compared a big leaf to my hand:)

And then what is even more exciting is what we found underneath;)

I love the fun leaves of the watermelon vine.

And we noticed that the sunflower is taller than Nate:)


The first picks of the garden were squash!!! The kids and I did some reading about when the best time to pick squash was. A lot of resources suggested the earlier(smaller, but bigger than 5 inches) the better. One reason is so the seeds in the middle don't gett oo big or tough. Another reason was that by picking more often the squash plant would continue to produce:) Yippee!


We brought our first squash to Grammie's for her birthday dinner:) The kids washed and sliced it up:) We cooked it in the microwave with some "butter", salt and pepper and they were delicious!! I loved the kids' faces though as Grammie raved about their produce!!

So far.... so good;) We've also plucked some zucchini already and the tomato plants are FULL of little green tomatoes... we're all looking forward to those!!

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Jenny said...

So exciting! This makes me want a garden!