Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tiny Talk and Catching Fireflies


Said by Nate has he zoomed past me on the bike, "Me getting so big, me tan ride dis bike all by me self."

And does he ride...

zooming around under our paved carport

on his hand-me-down bike with training wheels:)

He loves it!

And sources have informed me that his oldest sister has been working with him on riding a bike without training wheels...

I'm not sure any of us are ready for that... just yet!!

During our horrible week and a half I told you I was challenged to "have fun" with the kids. We were stuck at home, tons of laundry, baths, cleaning, most of the time with Brian at work or out-of-town, urgh! I wasn't sure when to "have fun" it seemed the tasks of the day demanded all my time.

Finally, I got it! The kids helped with the kid-jobs so I could  tackle the adult-jobs. When we got most of our list done (since housework never gets totally done) we got to "play". The kids made thankful journals to list things they are thankful for. Nate and I filled water balloons so we could have a water balloon battle:)

And one night after dinner and baths we went back outside to catch fireflies;) I loved hearing the kids voices out in the yard!!



Only one problem with being outside on a summer evening- mosquitoes! 
Although it was kind of cool to see the bats flying around... kind of cool, kind of creepy:)
Chris sporting a bite on his forehead

Don't you know when Daddy returned home from his trip one of the first things they talked about doing was catching fireflies one night!! Simple and a good reminder to this momma to "make time for simple fun"!

It's your turn:)

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