Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chicken Plants, Squash Picker and my High-tech Chef

Phew...a Tuesday! Boy, oh Boy have we had an adventure over here the last week. I'm not ready to blog it (maybe never will) but it has flipped my house upside down...

unfortunately I haven't had the best attitude... it's been hard:/

Anyway, I've been shown love over and over again! From family and friends spending time listening to me, trying to encourage me, people dropping off fun things for my kids (and I) to do, and a dedicated husband serving us during his special weekend:)

I have MUCH to be grateful for!! And I'm praying that I let go of the things we've missed and make some fun "at home" memories (thanks to those who are trying to encourage me)!

And now for my tiny talkings;)I have a post almost ready for it, but I saw this week some of what he gleaned from our "study"... LOL!! He started pulling up BIG weeks from the yard and was calling them "Chicken Plants". He made a video talking about planting his plants.


Brian found an adorable little turtle while working outside this weekend.


Nate wanted to show off his finds:) The tiny turtle and a grasshopper (Nate is getting very skilled at catching those, too)!

IMG_8532And my sweet squash picking Chris:)

He started the squash seeds, he planted the seedlings, and now he is getting to pick the squash. I loved that two or three times last week Chris intentionally when into the garden to pick for friends and a neighbor:) Sharing the goods:)

Love his heart:)

And the strangest allergy yet showed up this week. Chris has developed an allergy to the squash leaves:( When he picks shirt-less he comes in from picking covered in a hive rash and all red and itchy:( And then it just disappears until the next time he picks;)


Anna has become quite the kitchen helper (she might even take over the kitchen in the near future)!
This week she wanted to make a special dessert for Brian:) I once had the recipe printed out but we couldn't find it. So she found the recipe on our recipe page and used her Kindle to bake for us;) She's the high-tech cook;)

You're turn:) Just leave your link or your little ones' words in the comments:)


Jenny said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you had a rough time last week. I hope everyone is ok.

That little turtle is adorable! And it seems like Nate grows between every post. How is he so tall?!

Did Anna get a haircut? I don't remember it being short and wavy. It looks cute.

Poor Chris with the hives. You know I get an irritation rash just from grass. It's not really hives though. Just a rash. Hmm...

I hope this week is better for you all!

Krista R said...

Hope everything is ok!! Your squash makes me miss living in the south! I envy the long growing season you get, we wont be harvesting for awhile! And that little turtle is too cute!!