Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tiny Talkin'

Nate has been talking letters... I soo started working with my older kids earlier:/ Guess it's just what happens when you're the 4th kid:) So we've started reading letter books to start the journey. In a conversation about "L" the same letter that starts Lydia's name. Nate announced "Me not have "L" in me name."

I tried to explain to him that in his full name "Nathaniel" there is an "L".

Nate responded, "Me name not that word. Me name is Nate!" I guess we know which name he prefers:)

While in a conversation during summer devotion time about Samuel hearing God call him at night, I asked the kids, "Does God sleep at night?"

The kids answered "No!" in unison:)

Chris then added: "You mean God is noctural?"

I explained that noctural usually refers to animals that rest during the day and hunt at night but that God doesn't have to sleep and we can talk to Him anytime.

Chris, still trying to think it through, added more "That's because God rested on the 7th day when He was making the world."

Love them making connections and the conversations (and seeing those little wheels turning in their little brains)!

On one of our visits to my mom's house, Nate asked if Pey was resting upstairs in his room. I was a little surprised by his question but I took the opportunity to tell him that Pey wasn't with us anymore but was with Jesus in Heaven where he didn't have to rest in bed.

Nate asked,"Tan he come see us?"

I explained that he got to stay in Heaven with Jesus forever.

Nate stopped and said very matter of factly, "But him not bring his truck!"

And Nate is right. Pey's truck will stay with Grammie for the time being. It does remind me of Pey every time we pull up next to it;) I like the memories:) And was so thankful my kiddos have sweet Pey memories and share them with us!

It's your turn:)


Jenny said...

That is so sweet of Nate to worry about Pey not bringing his truck.

Chris is really a thinker, that's good!

Bunch of Barrons said...

"Me name not that word!" haha! :)