Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Fun Week!!

Our family way was about accepting correction and discipline from parents (and other authorities).  Again, I like that this study is written from a "heart issue" approach rather than just a rigid you MUST obey. I like that through the discussion questions, the kids could understand why parents have to correct and discipline.

I posted the kids' list of what they think we are teaching them that they will need in adulthood;)

Language Arts
We are chugging along through the Grammar, Spelling and Writing;) This week I wanted to share how we are using Spelling Power with Chris and Lydia. Technically Spelling Power is used with older kiddos, like 3rd grade and up.

But I really didn't want to hunt for something formal for my middle two... again trying to get reading first and keeping the fun of learning in those younger years... trying;)


IMG_1080So what we've been doing is going over ONE rule/group a week. After we talk about the rule and maybe give examples of words with that sound or spelling, they copy the rule on their own paper. Then the next day (or if they are still with me) I give them the words for the week as a test. The rest of the week they practice their misspelled words only.

Some of the activities are making the words with play-doh, making sentences, rhyming, copying them 3 times, etc!! The ways to practice these words are endless and many are fun;)

For reading this week, Anna read through the Josephine series from American Girls. Lydia is working through some Magic School Bus books and Chris has enjoyed some books off our own shelf. For read aloud, we read some history books from the library and The Adventures of Homer Price by McCloskey.

Moving right along in math!!

her favorite "quiet" spot to finish math:)


We worked on a few more experiments with air.

The first was that air can be pushed together. We did the experiment a couple of times (it was simple) but I didn't think they were getting it, so Anna and Chris acted it out for us;)


The point of the next two experiments was that air slows down things moving through it. Our first experiment was dropping 2 pieces of paper, one balled up and one opened wide).


And then the kids made "helicopters". At first I tried to correct Chris for making the "blades" too long. But we quickly saw the difference in the time it took the "helicopters" to drop based on the size/depth of the "blades". Pretty cool how it expanded the experiment.


And we started outside but quickly remembered that the staircase inside would give us a LOT more height to drop the "helicopters".

Can't beat having Science class outside;) It's too pretty to stay inside!

Last week we studied about the Alamo. Besides the normal history routine we did some of the activities, too!!

Making super-sized Alamo shaped cookies;)


Making Texas Ranger badges and then having friends over to play a game!! It was great having another home schooling family come over for a an hour or two to play! The kids really enjoyed each others company and the mommas got to chat, too:) Definitely more play times ahead;) no pics.. sorry.. too busy helping with the game and chatting;)

Reading some biographies of those involved with the Alamo was also a highlight. Our favorites were Susanna of the Alamo by John Jakes and Davy Crockett : young pioneer by Laurence Santrey.

We also were able to visit Colonial Williamsburg over the weekend;) Definitely a great visit and day of history in a very FUN and hands-on way:) I haven't even started on getting those pictures off the camera yet:)

We finished our study of Van Gogh last week. We didn't complete the lapbook component, so I'm hoping to do a little review time this week and do the lapbook all together.

I was intrigued by how Van Gogh painted stars, the moon and the sun. So we reviewed Starry Night again and then I had the kids try to make their own night sky using the same colors and style of Van Gogh.


I thought their paintings turned out well:)



A book we have read a couple of times (because it takes seconds) is Vincent's Colors. A great library find;)

We have a local home schooling mother who was formerly a music teacher. She offered a bi-monthly music class for other local home schoolers. Last week was our first week and it was great! We are very excited about this opportunity:)

Tot School
My littlest practicing shapes and colors! He calls it "Uno"... LOL!!
He's supposed to step on only a certain color or shape.... he always thinks it funny when he steps on the wrong ones;)

It's remarkable though how much they learn at this age through simple games and play! Such a sweet stage... and a little messy:)

I'm hoping to share our not-so-big but BIG-to-us Family News. Maybe before the weekend;) FB friends already know... Grammie shared it with the world on Sunday:)


Phyllis said...

Wow! Look at all you have accomplished this week...AND all the happy faces! Yes, it was a fun week!

Jenny said...

Ok, I have to go find you on FB, be right back!

I am so glad I ordered that book and I can't wait for it to come. Abby and I were just having a talk tonight about obeying. She says I yell at her all of the time. I tried to explain to her that it is important that parents guide their children and teach them right from wrong.

Anyway, you had a great week!

Jenny said...

Ok, too many Kelly's with your last name on FB!