Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's All Sinking In

While all 4 of us (the schooling kids and I) were piled around our school table, Nate opened the our storage cabinet. The inside doors caught my attention as a space we could write some of the lists of things we are trying to memorize (US Presidents, skip counting, poems, etc).

I said aloud what I was thinking and the kids carried the conversation from there:)

Anna: We should put out math facts on the wall (high above other things already on the wall). So then when we are taking our timed tests we can just look up for the answers.

Chris: Just like the snake on the cross in the desert.

Anna: Yeah! Instead of looking up to be healed we look up for the right answer!

LOL!!! They are so silly:) But I love that they had such great recall on the story of the snake on the wooden post that it reminded them of their math facts on the wall:) Who knows how many times our reading through the Bible stories or  Sunday School class has brought us to that story.... but it's sinking in.

If you are unfamiliar with the story Numbers 21:4-9. And then how it beautifully "points" to Christ, John 3: 14-16!!

We had a similar (not as grand)  moment with Nate this week.  I offered him a muffin that I had baked us for breakfast.

He responded , "No, thank you!"

We literally stopped everything going on at the moment and praised Nate for his good manners.

yes ... it's nice to see that our words, corrections, teaching and even Bible story times are "sinking in"!!

It's your turn to share what your kids have been saying:) Share via the link or in the comments:)

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Jenny said...

Too funny about the snake and the math facts. That is so sweet that Nate said, "no thank you". Adorable!

I just ordered that book 24 Family Ways on Amazon! I can't wait to get it.