Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grandparents, Spiders & Turtle CPR

Spending time with grandparents is something our kids are blessed to do often.... well at least more often than I ever remember seeing either set of my grandparents. They come to visit us and we try to make trips to see them (although they always seem too short).

And grandparents are special. They have learned through life to value the small things and are willing to set "aside" the work of kids to enjoy their time with their grand kids.

I laugh as I think of the antics that go on when grandparents are around. The things that the kids talk them into (like shoe shopping trips or biscuits every morning) , the fun side trips, and the things they all get into together!!

And then there's Grammie!! I adore my momma but I tell you her real calling in life was probably in natural science. She just knows soo much about the little creatures that she finds (spiders, birds, caterpillars, and the list goes on). And she's definitely my local go-to person for identifying local plants.... she found a little plant in our wild grass the other day that people PAY to have in pots and hanging baskets. We'd just been mowing over it all;) LOL!!

Being at the house over Labor Day weekend.... we got plenty of hands-on science Grammie-style;)


First she introduced us to her Garden Spider. A huge spider that lives in one of her back gardens.

The funniest thing though is that my mom routinely catches bugs and throws them into the spider's web. The kids were in awe watching the spider wrap up the latest bug Grammie tossed into the web.

 It became even more educational when the beetle wiggled out of the casing the spider had wrapped him in. So the kids saw the spider rush back over and re-wrap him.... gross but cool!!

The spider was BIG. But I had to laugh when a visiting friend told us that "Grammie's spider" looked a little fatter than other spiders she had seen before. Obviously she didn't realize that Grammie keeps its web full;)

BTW... she also emailed a large amount of spider information:) Keep us learning!!

And it seems that educational (and just plain  strange) moments just pop up all the time with Grammie!!

Like her finding a tiny snapping turtle in the pool skimmer. She said that it was just spinning and spinning.... a "goner" :(

But in true Grammie-style... she flips the tiny turtle over and gives it CPR.

After a moment or two she holds it between her two fingers, letting the kids look at it. And then she notices an open eye looking at her. And then the little turtle is moving and kicking around.


It was crazy... just amazing and funny all at the same time. Who would have thought you could resuscitate a turtle??? Seriously, we will never forget Grammie giving CPR to a turtle and it actually working.... it will be a story told to children and grandchildren!


Our children are blessed to have  Grammie, Pey, Grandma and  Grandaddy!! They each add so very much to our children's lives (and ours too)!


Happy Grandparent's Day!!
Thank you for all you do!!

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Sarah said...

What a wonderful tribute to your parents! Thanks for sharing this :)

Jenny said...


That is so awesome about the turtle. I would have never thought about CPR for a turtle.

The spider is a bit too much for me though. LOL! That's cool that she feeds it.

Ticia said...

I love that she gave the turtle CPR, what a unique experience!

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!