Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing the Kitties & Nate-isms

The cats greeted us as we pulled back into the driveway after a fun Labor Day weekend with Grammie and Pey. Since we were only gone a full day we had left plenty of bowls of food and water for them... still they greeted us with "meows" and lead us to their empty main food dish.

But the next morning they were gone...

and then gone again on Wednesday:(

Last Wednesday was the hardest. I think on Tuesday we all expected the cats to jump out of the woods the first time we called. I worried more in the afternoon when their food bowls were left untouched:(

At first the kids didn't respond to missing the cats. But then Wednesday morning the tears started to come.

Anna: I miss Daniel. Can we get a new kitten???  (brief pause) I don't want a new kitten Mamma, I want Daniel to come back."

A day or so later Collar showed up in the evening. And then disappeared again?

Lydia though was precious,too! She was persistent in getting to Walmart to purchase some cat treats for Collar for the next time he came around. And the next time Collar did pay us a visit, Lydia was ready to pamper her kitty!!

Collar has continued to grace us unexpectedly each day with his presence:) We still haven't seen Daniel. I guess it's just the reality of having outdoor "country" cats.... they wander and stray. And who knows where to!

A conversation with Nate as I attempt to put him to bed.

Me: I love you, Nate.

Nate (2 yrs): I know!

As I headed off to a meeting Nate waved "bye" to me without tears, but an explanation....

"I mow Daddy!"

LOL!! He's leaving out the "with" :)


Bunch of Barrons said...

Love the cute things they say!

Jenny said...

I'm so sad about the cat. :( That is so sweet that Lydia made sure to get treats.

LOL at Nate.

I'll pray the kitty comes back!