Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coach Daddy

There's no doubt my kids (and I) are blessing with a great Daddy:)

I'm not sure what Daddys come home for their 30 minute lunch break and are willing to sword fight two little guys whelding their weapons:)

excuse the carport storage.... the shed is almost ready:)

And while Daddy is a super hero in their eyes:) He just added a new "title" this fall...



Brian will be spending at least 2 nights a week coaching a team of 12 little guys/gals... 2 of those kiddos being his own:) And while it's not a very glorious sounding title... not like Superman...


... in our kids' eyes Coach Daddy might be equal to Superman.... maybe even be better!! They are very excited to have their Daddy as the coach!

And that is what makes our Daddy great! Willing to take one for the team:) Literally:)

I have to include a picture of Nate at practice. Lydia, Nate and I get to hang out, run around while the others practice and cheer for our favorite little players (and coach, too)!!!


Jenny said...

That is so special! I love that pic of Nate, too cute!

Rusheika said...

Great post! Praise God for awesome Dads!! visiting from MTR