Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday: The Super Duper Coolest Thing

Ok, ok. So we still don't have their swing set or trampoline up. When the kids play outside they ride their bikes, dig holes in the woods or catch bugs/frogs;)

But I was a little convicted about their lack of outside "to dos" when Lydia said that the "super duper duper coolest thing to do is take a bath"!!

LOL!! The new house does have a big bathtub in the master bathroom;) And the kids love playing in it:) I totally have not had more than 3 kids in the bathtub at once... totally not me... and especially NOT this summer when it's either been over 100 degrees outside or muddy!!! And they need a bath EVERY TIME they go outside!!

But now I know why they like getting soo dirty outside... they love baths;)


Just one problem.... they splash water everywhere.

I have to share Nate's after tub routine...

he curls into a ball under and on top towels.

When he's done snuggling, he emerges;)

Ready to be silly again!!

Now it's your turn. What have your kids been saying:)


Jenny said...

LOL about taking baths! The new tub must be pretty exciting. Nate looks so cute all snuggled up.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Too cute! Mine love baths too...and LOVE splashing all over the place. ;)