Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dead Battery, Cards and Rain

In my life this week....

Well after the kitchen flooding on Monday, I was hoping for a simple week;) It really wasn't that bad, but we had a few more curve balls :/

Like our car battery dying in a city 45 minutes from home as we were on our way to meet some friends to play. Of course I know nothing about cars (besides putting gas in them or oil if the light comes on... LOL!!). I called my mom to see if she could tell me what was wrong so I what to ask in order to get  help.

Thankfully, some men working for the city saw my distressed look and the minivan with kids!! They were so incredibly helpful.... first jumping my car, then telling me how to get to the nearest place to check my car battery. When they saw me behind them on the road they motioned for me to follow them and then stayed with my kids so I could run into the store (I could see the kids the whole time).

They truly were an answer to my quick desperate prayer.

We then had over an hour wait for the store to try to recharge our battery, determine it was indeed dead and then replace it with a new one! The kids attempted to keep themselves busy in the parking lot!! I was really thankful for them... they played and kept themselves occupied even though they knew they were missing playtime with their friends.

July 20121

And I think it was the only 2 hours it wasn't raining all day.... oh, so thankful, I couldn't imagine what I would done with them for that amount of time in the van (no AC, DVD, radio)!! Phew;)

In our schooling this week...
The girls did a couple of days of! We read library books, did our devotional readings and played cards:) Gotta love a real summer break while the school room is being put together;)


"The Champion" at least that is what he calls himself.... I guess 4 wins in a row merits a title

"The Rule Reader" & enforcer :)
"the Distraction"... he did "try", too still for him:)
I'm inspired this week by...
Seeing God's care and protection of us through our kitchen flooding and dead battery. He is good during the normal days and good during the crazy times, too!!

Places we're going & People we're seeing...
We were grateful to finally make it to indoor playground to play with our friends:) It was nice seeing friends and letting the kids play... it felt like it had been forever since we'd left the "packing/unpacking" routine! Nice!

What We're Reading...
I'm working my way through Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay Clarkson. I'm in the sections of creating habits and disciplining:) Oh, it's been nice and a great motivator to getting us to work on some "housekeeping" issues we've let slide during the last few months.

The kids and I are working through some books about Lewis and Clark:) Yes, still!!! Our library had a ton to choose from so we've been reading those and hope to get back to our history studies as soon as our school room is useable for school;)

What I'm praying for...
Finding a church home. Now that we're wanting to get settled in the new home, we're ready to find a church home. For the last 8 years we've been at our sweet, small, community church. Going to church with neighbors where Brian was the pastor (for 7 of those 8 years). Praying for wisdom and the feeling of "this is it"! And the kids as they go into new classes (and maybe nursery for Nate..... soo new for us).

Questions/Thoughts this week....
Thinking/praying/reading about chore charts and positive habit forming;) I feel like we need a plan.... just something to follow when the days are long, the patience is short and a nap is needed... for everyone! And it's good to make it now as we are just getting settled into a new house/new routine/different chores!

Pictures to share...
Last week was too hot to play outside (not in water) and this week it has rained a bit every day!! After cooping them up during each rainstorm, we finally let them out;)


Nate played in the puddles with gravel:)

July 20122

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Jenny said...

LOL at Nate's soaking wet diaper in the last pics. These are great pictures.

You have got to get AAA. We have it and it's so worth it. We've had to call a few times and they tow for free (within certain mileage), jump start the car, even bring a new battery and install it where you are! It has really been a lifesaver. Oh, and I've had to call twice for locking my keys in the car and they come out so fast and open it up. It's worth the $75 a year and I always use AAA for discounts on hotels, our Silver Dollar City tickets and at the eye doctor. Sorry about the commercial there. LOL!

Good luck finding a new church. It took us awhile to find one we all liked, but we've been at the same one for almost 4 years now and just love it.

Jenny said...

Wow, that was a really hard captcha code! I can't believe I got it right the first time. LOL!

Kelly B said...

I didn't know I still had captcha enabled:( So sorry!! I hate those things!!

danielle @ RLR said...

What an adorable blog and family you are!

Just stopping by from THMJ this week...and totally heart connecting. :)


ps. capcha is my enemy!

Kim said...

I love the photo you submitted for SHOOT.EDIT.SUBMIT. What a great capture.

By the way our vans look exactly the same. ;)

claudia said...

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I won't mention the name of the site here but you can contact me at and I'll be happy to share more information with you about it.


~ Claudia