Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moments of Moving and Settling In

As we moved load after load and tried to settle into the new house, it was fun to step back and think of all the firsts and how we were beginning to make this house our new home.

So here are memories I hope to remember:)

Complete boredom.... no toys, TV and too hot to go outside, so Anna makes a ramp with the books she was allowed to keep with her, her pillow, a shoe and a ball we found moving furniture;)

Loading up the van (and the blue car) to the max:)

And yes, even Grandma and Grandaddy's car was packed!! Nothing like 2 adults, 3 kids and 2 cats :) LOL!!! I know I heard some stories from that trip:)


We are loving the beauty of the property and some of the new furniture that we had purchased for the house. So far the favorite is the pub height table for the eat-in kitchen. Brian had been wishing for one for YEARS:) 

Anna and Lydia settled in with some coloring at the new table with the window to the open backyard behind them.

A Late Spaghetti dinner.... late dinners are getting to be the norm around here.... hoping for some earlier meals now that we're all moved in!
And as much as we have tried to keep everything looking clean (except for boxes still everywhere), finding finger and yes, even hands prints are inevitable:/ Thankfully wipes work wonders:)

 The one thing that kept us all happy (if that is possible for a 2 yr old) was that we had Grandma and Grandaddy with us for almost a whole week to help us move:) They helped with moving heavy furniture, cleaning both houses, with the kids, in the kitchen... ok... so they did basically everything!! :)

They were so incredibly helpful and it really would have been extreme chaos for us to moved without them! We would NOT be in the place we are now without their help.

So a huge THANK YOU to Grandma and GRandaddy!!
We have plenty of memories with them helping through the week and not many pictures :( But they were here and a working hard with us each day!

We are so very happy to be all moved in;) There is a huge sense of relief of a burden that had been hanging over me for a long time! It's nice to be able to begin to enjoy what we had hoped for these last few months!!

There still is plenty to do around the house.... plenty of boxes that need to be stored or sorted through and the school room... phew! But for now we get to do a little each day...

And enjoy our new house! Our 1st  pancake breakfast was nice as well;)
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Jenny said...

WooHoo! You made it to the new house! I can tell that it is a beautiful house. The rooms look so big! I am really happy for you all.

Stacey said...

So excited that the big move is finally over!! Now I can't wait to see pictures of everything :)

Drea said...

love the pics :) - your new tables great too!

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

Beautiful pictures! And I can't believe that, as a mom of 7, I had never tried wipes for those pesky fingerprints! (On my kids' to-do list for today . . .)

Leila said...

A new house! Moving is so hard, but now it's over! Thanks for joining us.

Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. I LOVE that table. I want one! Your house looks great. Can't wait to see more.