Friday, July 13, 2012

Realities of Being a Homeowner and how God is soo Good

We've had our first full week at the house:) And what a week it was... LOL!!! We were quickly confronted with the reality of being homeowners.

Monday morning as we were making plans to take a bike ride around our new little neighborhood, the kids were getting some water before we left. From the living room, I heard Lydis fill her cup using our refrigerator's water dispenser, but then after she was done I heard a huge spray of water.

It immediately caught my attention and I jumped up to figure out what it was!! In the kitchen water was pouring out from underneath the refridgerator... pouring out!!!! Pouring out!!!

I quickly realized that it wasn't the actual refridgerator and I pulled the fridge away from the wall! The waterline going into the fridge had come loose and the line was spraying water everywhere..... EVERYWHERE.... crazy amounts of water.

So I ran to call Brian... frantically asking him how to cut off the water. Checked under the sink. Ran outside to cut the main source off (which I couldn't find). He decided to get home!!

And then I grabbed kids to start filling buckets and coolers of water!!!! One kid had hose duty and the other two older ones watched Nate and dumped buckets.... yes, buckets.

Thankfully when the kids started helping and water wasn't spraying everywhere, I thought to grab towels to keep the water from reaching the carpet. And I saw it.... a tiny little valve switch at the base of the refrigerator's waterline!! I didn't know what it did, but thought surely things can't get worse :) Thankfully, it was the switch to cut off water to that line!!!! RELIEF!!

July 2012
By the time Brian walked through the door... the water was off. Drops coming off the recessed lights. The brand new table sitting in a puddle of water. Towels were soaked all over the floor and more towels needed.

We soaked up what we could. We stuck paper towels under molding. Brian called the contractor and he called the plumber.

It wasn't until the plumber came to hook it all back up that he told us how fortunate we were!! Fortunate that I was at home and caught the "leak" when it first happened. Fortunate that we got the water cut off. Fortunate that we didn't loose our kitchen.

But it made us remember some key things:
  1. Things (house, vehicles, new furniture, stuff)is not lasting. At any moment it can be destroyed or taken.
  2.  God  is soo good... these moments when you realize what you've been spare from (and not by your own doing) leads to thankfulness and gratitude
  3.  We are soo blessed... those stressful moments didn't include any life-threatening situations. We are a healthy family of 6... we are blessed!
  4. I have to learn more about home maintenance:) At least for the hours that Brian is at work, I have the responsibility of house emergencies... I have a lot to learn:)
  5. And we're very glad for our decision to live close to Brian's job!! As water was spraying everywhere I was thankful that he had a 6-mile drive and not 30:)
  6. The house is still under warranty:) Hopefully though we don't have any damage since we were able to clean it all up right away!! Still... provides a little comfort!


Sandy said...

So glad to hear that you were able to stop it before it caused a lot of damage!

I've had a few moments like that when my hubby was at work. It quickly made me realize that I needed to get to know things around here.

Jenny said...

Yikes! We've had that happen too! The hardwood floors in front of the refrigerator are a little warped, but we are just glad it wasn't worse! We've had it drip down through the basement too and was so close to all of Dave's computer equipment. EEEK!

Thank goodness you got it stopped in time and hopefully you won't have any damage.

Aliesha said...

Wow! I'm glad everything's okay. We also had some plumbing issues about a week or two after we moved into our home. We were also fortunate to be at home when they happened!

Suanna said...

So glad you were able to move the fridge and find the source and work from there. God is good.